There’s no easy answer to this. No binary “yes use a freelancer” or “yes use a web design agency Norwich”, assuming you’re in Norwich and would like someone local to complete a revamp or a completely new website.

A web design agency often will have more expertise and specialists within that agency – someone who can code, someone who can create content, someone who can create a marketing strategy. They probably have a graphic designer too.

Inevitably though this expertise often comes at a higher price.

A price that is not always passed to the coder, copywriter, graphic designer.

You may be quoted £120 plus VAT per hour (a fairly normal figure) but the employees are not getting that level of pay. Same in any industry. Obviously.

The barista in Costa and Starbuck’s is on a low hourly salary but the profits of those two companies are huge. That’s business.

Jeff Bezos is no different.

A freelancer often charges much less and probably won’t levy VAT because their earnings don’t exceed £80,000. They don’t have the Norwich web design agency overheads of offices and business rates and staff salaries so they are able to charge much less.

To go all coffee again, it would be like me charging £1.00 for a latte which costs me 30p to make on a Nespresso machine, leaving me a 70p profit with no expenses accrued. Starbucks have to charge more to cover premises and employ creative accountants to tax dodge.

A freelancer may not offer the level of specialism but they often know people who can help out. I’ll come clean – logo design leaves me in a state of fear, but I’ve got excellent graphic designers, fellow freelancers, to outsource them to.

Just as many reciprocate when they need accurate, optimised web content. I can write well, but design a logo badly, whereas that web design agency Norwich, Northampton, Nuneaton will probably have someone in-house.

I do think though, apart from price and specialists, freelancers are a better choice. I know I’m biased. 

But hear me out.

If your website crashes on Friday at 6.00 pm and you’ve no access to hosting support and the agency is shut, that means the Out of Office reply to an email and automated voice message telling you they reopen Monday will annoy the hell out of you.

It would me.

If this website went down for a weekend, I’d be fummin’ hun but I know it won’t.

The 100 I manage won’t either, because this freelancer has his name on those sites and wouldn’t accept shoddy service himself and certainly wouldn’t expect my clients to accept it from me, and my company.

Should I use a freelancer or a web design agency Norwich?

You decide.