Google ranking factors

Google evolves with each update. It is no longer a case of using keywords. There are in fact over 200 ranking factors. These include page speed, mobile responsiveness, links, domain authority and content. Your website needs to be fast to load, with clear calls to action, compressed images and optimised content, with Rank Math Pro doing the lifting.

Easy fixes

Easy fixes include: Search engine friendly URLs, clear internal navigation, keywords, sitemap submission, fast loading speed and unique content of 600 words per page or blog. Your website needs to load well too on phones and tablets, as 83% of searches are now mobile.

Our job

We make sure your website has high quality content, with easy to read sentences, clean code, zero 404 errors, links, accurate meta descriptions, optimised for local SEO if that is vital. Our websites are hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and tested for site speed loading with GT Metrix before launch.

SEO Tips

Seo Manchester

We could fill our entire website with SEO tips. Instead we’ve restricted it to one page.

You’ve got a website but receive very few organic enquiries. That means people aren’t finding your website.

If you’ve invested big money in a website design, you want a return on investment.

Unfortunately SEO takes time to show results. We often log in to newly launched websites and see no search engine optimisation, or very little.


Readability can be poor. Google uses the Flesch reading test. Can a 13 year old understand your content?

Is there at least 600 words per page? Are your products copied and pasted from generic catalogues? Bad practice, if they are.

Are you adding a weekly or monthly blog post to feed Google and humans? Is this optimised with a metadescription, a compressed and captioned image?

Is it is easy to read? Is it shareable with triggers to share? Are you and your followers sharing it?

Seo Manchester
Web Design Manchester

If you’re a local business, have you added your company to Apple and Google Maps? Do you have a Google Business profile that you update?

We offer a fixed price SEO audit for £200.

This creates an action plan for you or a web developer or us to put in place.

Gareth and Stuart are Manchester SEO experts – contact us today.

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