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I set up Get Pro Copy in 2015 as a copywriting service for businesses, after teaching English for decades. Being given access to company websites to add blogs, refine content and optimise copy for search made me realise that web design was something I could do and do well. I’ve been designing websites now for almost 2 years and since May 2018 when I switched the focus to websites, I’ve created 100 plus now for start ups and established companies alike. My web design prices, listed here, are very competitive and clients like the fact that I can provide the content and not just the scaffolding of a website. I begin with your brief, create the logo and colour palettes, establish your tone of voice and audience and start work on your home page. Your first step is to find a perfect domain name and there’s a button at the bottom of this page for you to search for domain names – I can buy it for you too at cost.


The home page is the first port of call from Google searches, your email signature and your social media bios. It has to dress to impress, delivering answers in a user-friendly design. Do you want sliders on your home page? Flip boxes? Do you want it be dynamic or static? I can advise.

A website has something Google calls a “bounce rate” – which measures how long users remain on your site before navigating away. A clear user experience in terms of layouts, menus, labelling will keep visitors there and coming back.

Some Norwich web design companies, and web designers elsewhere, can structure a page layout and provide analytics for visits. Do you want a page layout with uniformity? Some differences? What about icons and contact forms and contact links? I can advise you.


What are your web design and content needs? What do you want your web visitors to do? What do you want to achieve? Are you looking to increase website traffic through marketing blogs? 

Are you trying to expand your online presence with additional landing pages as well as managed social media? Are you looking to engage your audience and educate them in new and exciting developments in your area of business? Do you want more enquiries? Are you missing out on conversions?

Can you prove you are the local expert in your business target market? Is this through SEO, a robust review strategy, a dynamic social selling plan?


83% of web browsing takes place on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – is your website fit for viewing on smaller screens? Has your website evolved to keep up with social media trends? Are the search terms the right ones you are looking to be found for. This WordPress web design expert can help.

I design websites on WordPress, which creates a great user experience, populating all content and adding social media links, with SSL, hosting, care packages as standard. I will create compelling copy which speaks to your audience – your customers and Google.

I will establish you as an expert in your field with clear communication of brand. 


Does your website have great content, that is accurate, clear and interesting? Have you invested in optimised words for search and to compel your web visitors to take actions? Are your providing articles that provide value? Do you even have a blog tab to provide answers to questions customers are searching for? 

Google rewards fresh content and one of the best ways to climb organically is by providing this on your website, whether that’s through keyword-researched blog posts, or optimised FAQs. Your B2B or B2C clients will also revisit your website if there is fresh content published regularly. This professional copywriter can help.


This website has just one font set: helvetica to reflect my copywriter and Norwich web designer services. Many freelance web designers recommend just two fonts throughout a site. You need to think too about colours of typography to improve user experience.

Who is your target market? Is it B2B or B2C? A web designer needs to understand audience trends. Is it selling a product or service or promoting a brand identity. Your design needs to answer these questions.


If 83% of internet use is based on mobile devices, then it follows a large percentage of customer screen time will be spent on favourite apps: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Is your website showcasing your services on these apps? It’s as important as SEO, but one so often overlooked. This social media power user can advise you on marketing best practices.

I can build and manage your digital tools and technologies, like social media profiles: Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter feeds, for a competitive one-off fee or on a monthly retainer.



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