Freelance web designer is the best job for this old timer

Freelance web designer and how I became one?

Unusual word – freelance – don’t you agree? I can understand the free and the lance words, obviously, as separate entities, but collocate the two and you have an odd term: freelance.

Free, I get.

Above all, you’re free from bosses, petty hierarchies and that addiction to a poor monthly wage. You have freedom – which can excite and alarm in equal measure.

Lance to me connotes some dodgy drug using cyclist who gamed the system. Or if I take my Tour de France lycra and sunglasses off, some medieval jousting weapon. I know, I know: lance is used as a verb too. You can lance a boil, as well as a common noun and proper noun as in Lance Armstrong. But it is a weird term when the two are melded into one.

Freelance for web design

This epic blog post is not going to descend into a Poundland Stephen Fry tribute act.

One where I discuss connotations and semantics, until you all click away, saying “God, he’s boring.”

No what I want really want to talk about is the three keywords stamped in the title and throughout this tome: Freelance Web Designer.

It’s what I primarily am now …

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