Little wonder that individuals and companies shy away from committing to a website when agencies and many freelancers charge so much. I was approached just last week to help out a friend of a friend and the available budget was so low, that I could easily have said no. I didn’t as I believe in helping others, as it’s an occupational trait from 27 years of teaching.

I do often hear though from individuals and companies that a website is not needed


  1. They earn enough without one
  2. Their last website crashed and disappeared (they invariably do without updates and care from a web developer)
  3. They use Facebook / Instagram for marketing
  4. They’re busy enough without a website
  5. They don’t think spending 2k on a website will bring a good ROI

Tbh, they’re all perfectly valid reasons – if your company has turnover of £250,000 and you live well why would you invest? If your last online presence was a negative experience, why would you throw £799 to £5000 at me, now in Manchester, to revive one.

Point 3 is plain silly – many people may be regular users of social media, but, likewise, many aren’t. Your Facebook ad campaigns may get some decent business but you’re limiting yourself to an audience on there. They tend to be older generation too and often bottom feeders. Don’t believe me? Stick an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace and witness the time-wasting and low-ball offers that will lead you to keeping said item.

The busy one I get too.

We all have certain hours in a day – but a website wins you better clients if you work on your digital presence.

A few days ago, an old friend and client rang me to ask how I was getting on and I asked about his website (that I designed) and business. He’s moved on, he said, to small residential projects that earned him small money to larger commercial projects with huge sums involved. That’s not just his website, I know. He’s skilled. He has contacts. He has a reputation, an excellent one.

But if a council wanted to retain a company for projects, for example, his Google ranking and website, along with his social reputation, will cement a phone call or email enquiry. That website he’s invested £5000 in with me over 2 years (I blog for him) is now recouped in one commercial job.

He knows, I know, that his website was money well spent. It’s allowed him to switch focus to a more profitable market, without rebranding.

Moving to Manchester

In December 2022, I moved to Manchester, a place I know and am always comfortable in. Since being here, I’ve loved rediscovering the city and its stunning countryside. I’ve seen my web and copywriting business organically appear for Manchester search terms.

I could have chosen to leave it based in Norwich, with photos and blog posts and SEO reflecting that, but I chose to move myself and Get Pro Copy to Manchester.

  1. I earn reasonably well
  2. My website won’t crash as I update it
  3. I use social media for promotions
  4. I’m very busy, socially and in terms of networking
  5. I know spending time and effort on making this website appear in Manchester will be a great ROI

Obviously, I’ve got a huge invested interest in flogging you marketing, web design and copywriting. That revenue keeps me in a nice north Manchester, teetotal lifestyle.

But I am living proof that you a website can bring you financial success – and I’ve many others in my Portfolio that will attest to that too.

Want a new website?  A revamp?

Call me any time on 07462923476

Here’s some photos I took today too of New Islington, Ancoats and the city centre – I live in the Apple Building, Miles Platting, though, to keep it real.