Despite my prices being “affordable” I occasionally get asked if I’d accept a fixed monthly payment for a new or redesigned website, and I’ve thought about this and decided to trial it.

All my WordPress sites come with free hosting for Year One, with a nominal £30 being levied in Year 2 for the 12 months and I’ve decided to incorporate monthly payments in web design.

Here goes.

3 page starter website. £60 upfront. £20 per month for 12 months then it’s all yours – you’ve paid £300 in total for a responsive website with content, social media links and hosting included. £20 x 12 = £240 + £60 upfront to commit.

5 page SME website. £140 upfront and £30 per month for 12 months, working out at £500 with no strings attached – other than if you default, the website goes on Maintenance Mode.

10 page website with logo, business cards is £750 and the split is £210 upfront and £45 per month for a year, totalling £750.

Ecommerce sites from £750 but you’re looking more at the £1000 mark with £50 a month and £400 upfront.

I also offer reductions for full payment upfront – you’d probably get a website for £270 if you’ve got that amount to expend’ and a bigger website for £450 or £675 for full whack upfront.

Please have a good look at my portfolio and if you’re interested in a pay monthly website or all upfront one, get in touch with me.

I’m trying to build 100 websites by Christmas and I hope these prices, my quality and service will get me there and even further in 2019.