I had a superb May as a newbie to this website design malarkey and you can see the 11 I built on my About page, and feedback has been universally good.

June has maintained the momentum and I’m working now on North of Winter – a tattoo studio site for a leading Manchester tattoo artist, Sam Barber, based in Mossley.

I’ve just launched a website for Matthew Clarke Photography and he was pretty chuffed too with it, saying this:

I wanted a clean, simple & easy to navigate web page that showcases my photography work & with the help of Stuart Walton at Get Pro Copy Ltd I now have that…& one I am very pleased with.

Stuart has been very accommodating to my requirements in terms of my vision of what I wanted from my website. He has been brilliant in making slight tweaks at the drop of a hat & open to the suggestion of different ideas of the look of the overall website. His own creative input has been welcomed with some additions to my website that I wouldn’t have thought of. He has helped me set up emails, given great advice on my web presence & tips on how to get the best out of my social media accounts & activity. My website will always be a work in progress in terms of updating new images, writing blogs (another area Stuart has helped me with), adding new testimonials & introducing new elements to the website over time that will come naturally but I know with Stuart helping me I can’t go wrong. Stuart really is a one stop shop in terms of copy writing, web building & social media, all of which I believe are major components in what make a great website.

I would highly recommend Stuart & Get Pro Copy Ltd for website building. Another string he can add to his already impressive bow ;)

Next up is a drone website: Eagle Eye Camera Systems for Scott and I think he’s likewise impressed with my service, copywriting and design skills.

Then after that, I’m ditching the manly drone talk and going full on with a beauty website for Katie called Hair and Holistics. 

I think what’s happening is that many people are seeing that’s there a good living to be made from running a freelance business, as I and others are proving.

You need a good business idea, some money, a website with social media channels and a shedload of motivation and you can do whatever you want.

I’m proof of that.

There’s times when I work til midnight, work all weekend and all week, but there’s other times when I do little.
I don’t commute, I don’t have bosses and if clients try to own me, I bin the client, and focus on people who aren’t micro-managers.


I create optimised content for you.

I design your website.

I coach you on social media marketing best practices.

And people are buying into all three.

Now I don’t exploit clients at all – my prices are ultra-competitive and that perhaps explains why I’ve built 15 in two months.

But there’s another reason too. I do more, much more for clients.

I coach people on best social media practices, give advice on SEO strategies (and I seek advice from others, like Danny Andrews); I set up company email accounts; I back up and update websites; I host the websites free. I set up Google analytics. I optimise the content for search and what’s more, because I’m utterly motivated to succeed (because I love what I do) I build websites quickly.


A domain name is purchased, I put it on Coming Soon mode as soon as the nameservers have propagated and once the 50% invoice payment has been received, I’m up with the larks and in bed with the owls (metaphorically of course) building your website.

What’s more, if you refer someone to me and they commit to a website redesign or a brand new build, you get paid £50 for the referral – no questions asked.


  1. Domain name – buy one from Tsohost for speed of propagation. Do not buy hosting.
  2. Tell me what you want, what you really really want in terms of layout, functionality, pages, sub pages etc.
  3. I quote; you accept with open mouth and I invoice you.
  4. You pay 50% upfront.
  5. I set up hosting for your website – see point 1.
  6. We communicate via FaceTime, Whats App, email, Skype and I send you screenshots of the build and you tell me what to change.
  7. I launch the website when you’re happy with it and you pay me the other 50% within 7 days. Or I cry.

Like with haircuts, places to buy food, hand car washes, solicitors, copywriters, plumbers, you’re spoilt for choice in this search engine world.

But think of me as delivering a Waitrose experience (if you can stomach conversations about sun-dried tomatoes and cries of “Tarquin, put those olives back”) without the Waitrose prices.

Need a WordPress website?

Fancy going freelance?

Want to tell your boss to do one?

Get in touch. 

I might even let you have a free coffee – if you have a My GetProCopy card too.