Why should you use WordPress web design Norwich and elsewhere?

I’m not religious at all, not a zealot, but I do try to convert people all the time – firstly into using WordPress web design Norwich and, much to the chagrin (coughs up dictionary) of web developers and agencies locally, convince people to work closely with a freelancer instead.

Why WordPress?

It’s a simple and fast interface, tried and tested millions of times over with a vast range of plugins, themes and versatility. It’s used by giant companies to sell their products or services, like Apple I’m told. Their website is a masterclass in sleek minimalism I’d say and it’s a WordPress website.

WordPress also makes a website build easier, particularly once you’ve mastered its intricacies, its foibles, its oddities.

If Apple trusts WordPress as their digital marketing platform to stand out from the crowd, shouldn’t you?

The other aspect about WordPress that shouldn’t be underestimated is that search engines readily index it. I’ve recently taken on a couple of Squarespace and Wix sites that were invisible on Google. By that, I mean even a search for them by name yielded nothing.

Now there may be other reasons? No site map submitted? No verification on Google My Business? But it does seem to hold true with so many non-Wordpress websites I see. A website built with WordPress seems to do better on Google in Norwich and elsewhere, I’d say.

The other great aspect of WordPress web design is that they are responsive. I laugh when I see web design agencies levying a monthly fee to make a website mobile friendly. Any good theme comes with that built in and you shouldn’t have to pay. Ever. If they want to charge, swerve them.

Some web developers claim to code from scratch but to me, it’s like saying I want to get to France by car; I’ll build a car from scratch when you can buy one new or used locally.

I highly recommend WordPress and premium themes for a responsive, easy to use website.

Now on to the agency bit.

Yes you do have specialists in a web design agency. You have coders, writers, social media “experts”, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers perhaps but you pay a steep price for this extensive experience and expertise.

I’m a freelance web designer and copywriter. I dabble in photography but my results are mediocre compared with a professional photographer. My logo designs are not the best. But guess what? I have a vast network of trusted connections I can call on to do graphic design, create logos, take photos.

I have my own web design agency, if you like, of trusted freelancers, who I can outsource to, without charging an arm and a leg to customers.

What I excel at (apart from modesty) is the full package of digital marketing, particularly social media and content marketing.

Having taught English for 27 years from Years 5 to Year 13, I have a way with words, extensive experience with serving my subject to a tough audience of 13 year olds on a Friday afternoon. I run another venture called Get Pro Marking as a nod to the past.

I began that career in a brutal church school in Oldham and aptly ended my career in a brutal church primary school, locally.

Spells in teaching in Manchester, Bolton, Stoke, Doncaster and Scunthorpe saw us relocate with two kids in tow to Norfolk 11 years ago, initially as a teacher but more recently as estate agent, writer and web designer.

The last six years have probably been the best of my life and I don’t use hyperbole often.

Exaggeration, in other words.

You and your Norwich business, or Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft company (or wherever) need words that make you stand out from the competition and as content marketers and web developers know, words are the most difficult part of web design. Projects based in Norwich or further afield can be put on hold for months because the words aren’t ready.

But when words are ready, this WordPress web design Norwich freelancer goes full steam ahead.

I’m a graduate in English, admittedly from the days when mullets were the height of sophistication, but I’d like to think that this expertise and experience is better than that found in most Norwich web design agencies.

Social media marketing is something I do well too. Look at my channels linked on here and decide for yourself whether I walk the walk. I pin on Pinterest, vlog and write on LinkedIn, post on Twitter and my Facebook page and positively go mad on Instagram with stories and updates.

I don’t sell, sell, sell constantly but what I think I’ve got from that classroom audience again is an ability to motivate and entertain.

How many Norwich web design companies are led by a classroom clown?

Just one – me – at Get Pro Copy Ltd, who specialises in copy and WordPress web design Norwich.

Contact me to find out more.