Ok let’s get the naysayers out of the way now with that title – “you would say it’s necessary, wouldn’t you, as a freelance web designer?”

Fair cop.

I will add a warning though – if you think splashing £650 to £2000 on a website, will have you reaching for cigars and smoking jacket, think again. It’s the start of a process. The real work of being found on Google and social media starts afterwards.

Here’s why you need a website though

You’re selling a product or a service, showcasing your skills and experience and I’m afraid a box advert in The Advertiser or the local rage won’t cut it now.

In the past month, I’ve taken on new clients who have no website at all and three of these had got a bit embarrassed with telling clients that they don’t have one. There’s reasons though they haven’t done – most web design agencies are modern day highwaymen.

I got in a spat with one such company the other day, after I was approached for help locally. This company were charging a honest, hard-working man £138 a month for hosting. That’s not just unreasonable – it’s criminal. With my detective eye on, I found out they were on a shared hosting package for 500 websites paying a hosting company £49.99 a month, yet charging clients almost triple that.

That’s just wrong, in my book

I’ve taken on other websites for redesigns and fixes where the company or freelancer has been charged £3000 upwards for some sub standard shitty site built on a free theme with Elementor. That’s poor too. I get asked constantly by people struggling for leads to pass them web projects across as I’m genuinely over-run with work and when I ask their price, it’s double or triple my charges. No wonder they’re chasing “business partnerships” with me.

Ranting paused, back to the title.

You need a website as a reference point in meetings, when sending quotes, when prospecting.

You need a website to peg on your social media channels- and if you say, we don’t do social media, catch the next bus back to 1987.

Social media matters

Your website gives you credibility online, social media cements that. The latter shows your commitment to communication and is the most cost effective form of marketing out there. I craft a blog like the one on Primark here and I then design a Facebook ad for this blog post and drop £20 on it with targeted metrics. In five days, I get over 1000 clicks to the blog / website and, more importantly, I take new orders for digital marketing, blogging and web design.

Print marketing is far more expensive and less effective, in my opinion.

Websites can be affordable

You just need to choose wisely.

My advice time and time again is to avoid web design agencies, as a rule of thumb. They’ll have your pants down with website costs (£3000 for an average brochure site or £138 a month for hosting).

Now I won’t name these two – one of whom phoned me questioning, Matt Hancock style, my email tone. He was quickly assured that calling his company “a joke of a firm” in writing was something I’d back up and extend in a heated telephone exchange, which yielded results in getting the website database within 20 minutes.

I won’t name these dodgy rob dogs though as they did what was asked after I went gangster.

Choose carefully

Not all web design agencies operate like that, I know, I know – but most do. Why? Because there’s a dark art, a mystique to web design, which they like to pretend is absolute rocket science.

It’s not.

Web design does need creativity, design flair and an ability with words, but mostly it needs research.

I’ve been battling for 2 days adding a forum to Russell Quirk’s new site Moving Home Advice and with restricting content on Julia Livesley’s Holiday Homes Advice (neat titular symmetry), but at no point did I drop an email to Russell or Julia asking for more money on jobs I’d priced.

I read, researched, tested and worked hard to make each function work smoothly.

Well done, me.

If you want a website that doesn’t cost you an arm and a fucking leg, ask me. I know others too, like Gareth and Tiago, who are great at web design – and those two, like me, do not wear a highwayman mask.

Check out my portfolio here and my 58 Google five star reviews by doing a quick search for Get Pro Copy.

Your next steps?

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