What does website hosting cost UK?

You must have hosting if you have a website.

Put simply, hosting is a service you pay for to put your domain name online. You can’t pay £4.99 for a name and expect it to magically appear online. It won’t – without hosting.

Firstly, you need to purchase a domain name before you even consider UK website hosting costs.

You can get these from a quick internet trawl and should consider how the name is pronounced and if it is easy to spell.

Website hosting and domains

You can buy a domain and hosting together. Indeed, many website hosting companies will “bundle in” a free domain once you buy hosting.

I recommend using tsohost for domain names – though there are better alternatives for lower and higher website hosting cost UK.

Siteground, for example, offer free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt, but with Tsohost, you pay for them – £49.99 per annum.

However, it’s worth noting that Siteground hikes hosting costs significantly in the second year whereas many others don’t.

The difference between website hosting and maintenance

Some clients get confused over hosting and maintenance. This website, Get Pro Copy Ltd, experiences multiple attacks each and every day. Hackers are trying to access the website via login and I get warned when an attempted ambush is taking place by a premium piece of software, Wordfence which I pay $99 annually for. It acts as a silent doorman on my website (and on several others I’ve installed it on) locking out intruders for two months for password or username breaches. All whilst I sleep.

My business is important to me, as it is my primary source of income, so to lose it, would be emotionally and financially devastating.

I therefore protect it with Wordfence and Sucuri Security and recommend you do the same.

Hosting though is not about maintenance.

Foolishly and naively, I used to log in to clients’ websites weekly and back them up and update at no cost. That became a massive time burden as my portfolio grew and I changed it to a paid service of between £20 to £80 per month, depending on website size and complexity.

You wouldn’t buy a car and expect someone to fix prangs and dents for free – you have insurance.

My website maintenance packages are your insurance.

Website hosting costs UK?

From a general market provider, you can pay expect to pay upwards of £80 per year for WordPress hosting. You can of course get cheaper deals by buying a hosting account for multiple websites. I pay £8 per month for this website to be hosted. I have alerts set up via Wordfence for hacks and necessary updates and, being a bit OCD, I log in twice weekly and check the site over.

I also run this website through a Content Delivery Network – Cloudflare – to increase speeds. My emails of [email protected] and [email protected] have unlimited storage too as part of that £8 per month.

You should be paying similar for website hosting costs UK.

What does your web developer charge?

As someone renowned for straight talking, I’ve got myself in rucks with website companies who are extorting customers. I rescued one client from an abusive relationship with a Southampton web design agency who were charging him £300 per month for hosting! Not maintenance or updates – £3600 pa for hosting!

Criminal that.

Obviously if you’re paying £8 to £80 a month for hosting and maintenance and back ups are factored in, that’s decent value, but for simple hosting alone, don’t be ripped off. Mine costs £8 per month – or £96 a year – plus £50 SSL and £99 Wordfence security. Yours should cost the same – plus maintenance.

Company email addresses

UK website hosting allows you, with a purchased domain, to set up a company email address. Let’s face it. If you’re investing in a website, you don’t want some gmail, AOL or hotmail address on that website. I have an MSN account but business goes through the business emails. Yours should too.

You can’t have company email addresses without a domain and hosting. You must invest to create that email account or accounts. I can help you with that.

Contact me.

What if my hosting is too expensive?

My advice is simple – bin the company who are ripping you off with high monthly charges and find a freelance web designer like me, with a moral conscience, who won’t have your pants down. Ask me, in confidence, whether you’re being charged too much and would save by switching. I don’t offer this as a service generally but I do offer free website hosting and emails for one year with many of my website packages like the middle £950 Premium one here.

Finally, if you’re looking for affordable website design in the UK or are wanting to know how much does a website cost in the UK, simply get in touch today.