Web design Norwich – from this fine literary city.

Norwich proudly proclaims itself as a Fine City in its marketing literature and I cannot argue with that at all. It is a fine city – possibly the best city we’ve lived near ever. It has other claims to fame too (apart from Alan Partridge) as the UNESCO City of Literature.

The UEA runs a renowned Creative Writing course, whose alumni include Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro and, more recently, John Boyne, whose Holocaust novel “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” was triggered by the author looking out of his window in the Golden Triangle of Norwich (its own Notting Hill, bound by Unthank, Newmarket and Earlham Road) and seeing fences all around.

It’s a city that hasn’t suffered much either in terms of economic downturn – because, I presume, there was never traditional manufacturing industry here to be ravaged by recession. Norwich Union, Aviva as now called, I’m sure has shrunk in employment numbers but it’s not as if shipbuilding, mining, engineering ever dominated Norwich, so, to me at least, it seems to live in a bubble, a bubble of relative prosperity.

I like Norwich as a city immensely.

It’s quite an entrepreneurial place too; where we live in Bradwell, near the gritty town of Great Yarmouth, I constantly see freelance businesses springing up and I’m sure that’s replicated across the whole of Norfolk.

There used to be a time when teachers, like I used to be, were envied for their holidays and seemingly short days, but in the past 10 years, it appears to me that few people actually go out to work and commute in this part of Norfolk.

Working from home, freelance and self-employed, seems to be the norm now and who can blame them?

I’ll state categorically that I won’t go out and traditionally work again, in some office or school, with meetings, rules and bosses. No I won’t. Life’s too short I realised belatedly.

What I’m going to do is write, manage social media, handle digital marketing and become a web designer for Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (and Suffolk). 

There’s no better way to live that being your own boss – and I can help you ditch the commute, office politics and piss poor pay by launching your own business.

Call to action?

You know what to do.

I did it in 2015 and wish I’d done it sooner.