The 2018 equivalent of a box ad in Yellow Pages and one of the most prized ambitions of companies – featuring on Google Page One for a specific search term and failing that, pole position on page 2.

Beyond page 2, it’s a lost cause we are told.

Getting on page one in private browsing mode is difficult, unless you’re incredibly niche.

You need to do your homework too before a SEO strategy is born.

Take this website: I could optimise it for WEB DESIGN GREAT YARMOUTH and quickly reach page 2 or page 1 but there’s a problem – search volumes. 

People on Google are not searching for web design Great Yarmouth – there’s under 100 searches a year and that makes all the effort a bit pointless.

So I’ve optimised for further afield:

Web design Norwich and variations on that search term.

There’s 1000 searches per month for that specific search term, but, alas, competition is high, so I’m on page 11 of Google for Web design Norwich which isn’t too shabby in 7 months given that I didn’t feature at all in May 2018, when I decided to make Get Pro Copy a web design and copywriting service, nationally, not just in Alan Partridge territory.

I’m on page 7 though for a longer tailed search locally from nowhere and that gives me hope.

Now I could succumb to PPC and pay Google to inflate me to page one but in my experience it’s a complete waste of time and money. You send a signal too to Google that you’re prepared to pay to be on page one and your organic growth (in my experience over 5 years) is that a nail is hammered in your SEO coffin.

Far better to have a strategy to get there – and there’s two ways – backlinks and blogging that are dynamite.

Quality backlinks to your website are worth their weight in gold but often difficult to attain. I’ve got 70 plus backlinks but none scream BIG LEAGUE at all.

Blogging is easier. That’s why I do it so often. And you should.

Either blog yourself or pay a SEO copywriter to do it for you.

They’ve got to do their homework of course and determine what you’re looking to be found for and find out what the competition is. I could have blithely fallen for the Copywriter Great Yarmouth and Web Designer Great Yarmouth ruse when I was naive, but any copywriter worth their salt, should be able to find out search terms, volumes, competition and craft copy that speaks to humans and Google algorithms.

You can always go down the SEO route with an audit too. I had one carried out by Danny Andrews of Sheffield who didn’t prescribe the steroids of Pay per Click but a strategy for reshaping this website and climbing Google organically.

Which I followed.

It’s working too – check out his website and philosophy which doesn’t involve BS and empty claims.

I’ll end with a reference back to the title: this web design Norwich UK company is climbing. Okay page 7 and page 11 is not the best – but in seven months, I’ll gratefully accept those places and see what happens in the next 7 months.

If you want your website to climb rankings organically, get in touch with me, I’ll gladly introduce you to Danny and let him audit with me then filling those needs with a blogging strategy that will see your business climb too.