On 5th November, Guido Walton, a Norwich web design freelancer, is giving a five minute talk and taking part in a seminar in Norwich on copywriting and blogging.

To be honest, I’m quite flattered and excited about the event.

I taught English from 1987 to 2014 and presenting was part of my DNA. Though I don’t do five hourly performances a day now in a classroom, part of me misses teaching.

Well the audience bit, not the colleagues and line managers, who were generally vile.

Norwich web design expert is teaching blogging

When I was an English teacher, I could quickly model how to scaffold an argument. I could teach the art of creating a persuasive article, a compelling narrative or description, but not once did the need for teaching of blogs occur.

To be expected I suppose, given that GCSE was one circadian round.

A round of Shakespeare (“Macbeth” or “Romeo and Juliet”), contemporary drama (“Blood Brothers”, “An Inspector Calls” or “A View from the Bridge”), some poetry laced with the whiff of colonialism or “Of Mice and Men.”

Teaching English was Groundhog Day

But when I stand up for my 5 minute pitch in Norwich at the Writers’ Circle, I’m entering new territory explaining to adults the conventions of blogging. How it ties in with digital marketing and search engine optimisation.

You can come and support (or heckle me) here.

Blogging is writing for humans and algorithms

I think this is possibly the best way this Norwich web design and copywriting freelancer will frame it. You have to write engaging long form content with triggers that cause action. You have to write about something people are interested in. Finally, your content has to tickle Google’s fancy and become indexable on Google Search Console and social media.

I make a point too when I’m asked to take on new web design projects that I add a News page. A blog page. I explain to clients that if they drip drip enough good content into their website, firstly it gets discovered on search. Secondly, it allows them to climb Google page rankings organically.

Web design is digital marketing

I’m hoping too that on Bonfire Night, someone asks me, as someone did yesterday via email, about where to blog. I don’t think I’m being unduly craven by suggesting to this group of writers that I’ve never met that they should invest in a website.

Ok, admittedly, they can add blogs to Tumblr, Medium, LinkedIn and guest post for that wonderful cryptocurrency called “Exposure”. But longer term, if you want to cut it as business you need a WordPress website. You need active social media channels. You need to be on the ball daily with digital marketing.

Digital marketing needs to be consistent

This is another mantra I’ll explain to the hopefully captivated audience. They are all writers, but I will reinforce that sometimes as a writer chasing income, you have to be adaptable. I write for over 40 clients on various topics – mainly property related, but I don’t turn my nose up at dry topics.

Blogging requires you to be versatile.

You also need tools to write for SEO. I have access to these and can sniff out a good keyphrase, evaluate the competition and create a post that ticks all boxes – for Google and humans.

Finally, wish me luck in Norwich on 5th November. I’m sure you’ll see how it goes on my multiple social media outlets.