My business, this freelance web designer Norfolk business, is 4 years old in a few days. It seems opportune to blog about it in some happy birthday celebratory way. Technically, though, in a spirit of openness and honesty, it’s a landmark for how it has evolved.

You see, when I was given the career equivalent of Buckaroo, I set this venture up as a freelance copywriting service with few ambitions beyond content marketing.

Copywriter to freelance web designer Norfolk

Firstly it did well as a copywriting B2B service, with its focus firmly on the property industry. It kept me in a reasonable lifestyle and provided some therapy after the shit fest of recent teaching experiences. It was liberating and scary at the same time.

I gave up a permanent salary and steady career to develop this copywriting and freelance web designer Norfolk business and it’s paying back at last.

Am I a designer and developer?

I can work my round website issues usually as half the battle is posing the question and searching for answers. I don’t code websites from the ground up, as two of my USPs are speed and price. I’ve no doubt that I could – but I’m touching 55, and life’s too short for that level of palaver.

I use templates – as do most web developers in Norfolk and further afield, though many won’t admit it.

The evolution to freelance web designer

I asked a web designer a few years ago now to show me the ropes and his response was not untypical. “If I teach you, you’ll steal my livelihood.” I decided then, after 10 months in a different partnership to teach myself.

If I could teach English Literature to A level with unfamiliar texts, write decent content for businesses, web design would be no biggie, I felt.

In May 2018, I went properly solo and changed this business into three main focuses – WordPress web design, copywriting and social media marketing.

Copywriting still thrills me

I’ve recently added examples of blogs I create in the Portfolio section of this website. It is still my bread and butter and it is still the most enjoyable part of my freelance life. I love putting pen to paper and writing.

Firstly, because it’s creative.

Secondly, the manacles and leg irons of what I can write are gone. I write what I want for myself. I can be trusted with a brief too from a company. Or in the absence of a brief, create copy for search engine optimisation as I have access to high quality SEO tools.

You give me a topic and I write it.

I honestly prefer it when a client says: dog walking in Birmingham. Rather than We want a 1000 word article on Digbeth, Solihull, Acocks Green and the best places to walk your dog for SEO.

I’m not stupid and do know how to craft engaging copy.

Which leads to freelance web designer

When a client trusts me to craft content, they often ask me to add it to their website directly. Once I started doing this, I realised how much I enjoyed adding it, along with keywords, featured images, alt tags. I had to make sure my blogs passed the Flesch Reading Ease test. Did they have enough active voice? Are there enough subheadings and transition words?

I now write that many blog posts for myself and clients that these SEO tests are passed easily.

This blog has more green lights for search engine optimisation than a city centre road network.

Design agencies often outsource writing

Don’t get me wrong – my heart does leap when a client sends copy for each page. This is Home. Here is About. Add this to Services. But 9 times out of 10, they don’t provide copy. As a writer, someone who is skilled at writing blogs, this doesn’t present a problem to me.

Many Norfolk web design agencies expect the client to provide all the copy or they pay copywriters like me to create the content. I like doing that too. But my point is this – if you want a content management system like a WordPress site, as well as high quality website design and content, I can help you.

The Call to Action

If you want copy, web design, or social media managing, contact me. My email address is [email protected] or call me on 07462923476.

You may want blog posts, a website redesign or optimised copy, your LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook feeds running, or you may just want some free advice. Check out my Portfolio too.

I’ll help you, as long as you wish Get Pro Copy Ltd a happy birthday when you make contact!