If someone had said to me 10 years ago, write down your expertise on marketing and hand me the notes, it could have fitted on one side of a Post-It. Now I could easily fill three Post-It notes because I’ve learned through setting up a successful business (and failing with several others) that unless I understood how to market myself, my services and abilities, I’d soon be destitute.

It’s why I’m so motivated to make this business, which has now branched into solo web design, a success. It means I can keep me, my wife and two children in a decent lifestyle, drink bottled water and drive nice cars and go abroad two or three times a year.

One thing I learned early doors from trial and error, reading, mentoring, call it what you will is the one third, two third rule, or 33% and 66% rule if you’re a metric millennial.

Put simply, it means this.

Spend a third of your time creating content, and two thirds promoting and sharing.

Take this blog post.

It could be published on here and accumulate steady reads, which are handily measured with a WordPress plugin and I could look back in a year and say 40 views for something that took me an hour to create.


But it won’t get 40 views, because I’ll spend a good few hours sharing and resharing it, on my active social media platforms.

It will be tweeted not just once, but pinned to my profile and retweeted throughout the year.

The featured image will be pinned on my Pinterest boards.

I’ll share it on LinkedIn with my connections and reshare it periodically.

I will also post it on my Facebook page and Google Plus profile and may even pay for it be promoted on Facebook to increase reach and reads and actions.

Instagram is no different – the blog will become a story with a short hands-free video of me explaining it which may encourage my followers to look up this blog post and read and share it.

I may also share the link via What’s App or iMessage or within a Campaign Monitor email template, and add it to Powerpoint and upload to Slideshare.

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That’s my point to anyone attempting to make a digital impact – yes Google bloody loves fresh content, your customers love engaging articles but to make this post or your post get more than 40 views, it needs a comprehensive marketing strategy.

This is partly why I’ve gone Han Solo on web design.

I’ve learned the process of creating and running a website over 5 years, when my first personal blogging site was built and I posted most days on there.

I know how to set up a website from domain purchase, to hosting, to WordPress themes to design. I know how to design and how to write copy.

A website though is just the first third of your business – the other two thirds lie in marketing, whether that’s print, social media or physical networking.

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If you want me to guide you through creating a successful business, I will.

I’ve realised that website design is a big part of my future, as is blogging, social media marketing and remaining firmly freelance.

If you want to do similar now or in the future, get in touch with me.

I don’t let people down ever – the one man band of Get Pro Copy Ltd can’t afford negative reviews given the cost of my San Pellegrino habit.

Keep your eye on the post count too.

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