Would you run a car for five years without a service?


And yet SMEs, big businesses and sole traders run websites without getting them updated or serviced. But you shouldn’t and here’s why.

Logging in to the WP Admin section of a website and clicking Dashboard to see 27 updates needed is like lifting a car bonnet, and seeing a whole host of issues – low coolant, minimal brake fluid, a lack of oil etc. You let a mechanic loose to service a car once a year, but businesses neglect to service their website.

Here’s what I do.

I get a WP Admin login and head to that dashboard like some Norfolk Kevin Webster (Corrie reference) to purse lips and puff cheeks to deliver that verdict – “your website is knackered mate.”

Except I don’t.

After adding a back up plugin and making a copy of the site as it stands, only then will I start updates. I do more too. I can add caching plugins to speed up your website, paid for image optimisers and look at your site speed on Pingdom (for real) and follow the report to get it running faster.

That knackered old Fiesta of a website with its 1.0 litre petrol engine will come out of the blocks roaring like an ST (car, not disease).

You only pay for my time when I service your website.

And that’s usually an hour to two hours to service your website without the car dealer prices.

I did it twice last week and one client paid £50 for the service, another £100 because they wanted a new page adding and a pop up email subscription form, as well as updates.

I’m like that mechanic, without a boiler suit, or a copy of The Sun propped on my desk.

I lift the bonnet of your website, check fluid levels and an hour later, slam it down and get it back online – for you to test drive it and say it’s faster and slicker than it was before.

You know what too?

One company I had dealings with charges £95 plus VAT per hour for that sort of work and £160 plus VAT to install SSL.

I don’t charge those sorts of prices. Some companies wear masks and will happily rob you.

I’ll service your website for a reasonable price.

Call to action …

If your website needs a service, drop me an email and I’ll happily go in the dashboard and quote you an affordable price to improve it. Or your money back.