I have business cards wedged in wallets and drawers and occasionally use them, though I do feel ordering 1000 was a tad optimistic, given that they seem to me, at least, to be somewhat archaic.

Given that we all carry smartphones in our daily lives, it’s much quicker to add someone on Slack, or What’s App, and send them your contact details rather than root through a wallet or purse to share your details.

Don’t get me wrong.

I still think if someone asks for one, you’d look a bit silly saying “Sorry, I don’t do business cards.”

Ergo, a website.

A business card with a company email address and web address looks so pro that anyone serious about business at the fag end of 2018 would be mad not to have either.

When someone connects with me on LinkedIn asking about services, like web design and copywriting, I don’t say “Er it’s in development and not ready yet.” I point them to this website and its portfolio of completed website projects. If I meet someone locally, I hand over a business card to send them digitally to the website.

In 2019, if your website is not fit for purpose (or your printed marketing materials), get in touch with me and let me make both so.