Pay monthly websites are something I offer.


Because very few people can walk into a car dealership and pay for a new car outright. Same with houses. We pay for them over 25 years (16 in my case as 70 is the maximum mortgageable age).

Ergo smartphones.

We think “£70 a month for 2 years” for an iPhone 11 Pro or Note 10+ is affordable, so why not?

Websites could be the same?

Even though my own Norwich web design prices are modest, I still understand that forking out £500 in one go is a challenge for many freelancers. It was for me in 2015. I know that when you’re trying to get a business idea off the ground, cashflow is critical. You need to watch every pound, though a website could pay itself back immediately when you land clients.

Pay monthly websites

Now I don’t go all Brighthouse or Ocean Finance or Provident and think 39.9% APR. I’m not a twat like that. What I do is quote you a figure, like I would if you were paying normally, ask for a deposit of £100 + VAT and split the remainder into 4, 5, 6 or 12 monthly payments.

Website cost £600 + VAT

Deposit £100 + VAT

Six monthly payments of £100 inc VAT (hope that adds up).

Or twelve payments of £50 inc VAT.

I do give you access too to the website before you’ve paid up.

A dealership does with your car, a bank does with a mortgage debt.

I do with your website.

I’ve done pay monthly websites before

Not one client I’ve offered pay monthly terms to has defaulted.

On the contrary, I undercharged one and said he’d paid up fully when he hadn’t.  He sent a final payment too!

Now you can overpay it at any time too – if a job lands from it, great!

The process

The process for fully paid or monthly paid websites is the same:

  1. Buy a domain name, forget hosting as I include it free in Year One
  2. Decide if you want a logo designing (I have access to some great graphic designers)
  3. Tell me which company email addresses you want creating
  4. Pay the deposit of £100 + VAT or half upfront or the whole lot at once (with a discount)
  5. Allow me access to the domain dashboard to change nameservers

Let me crack on.

I do have a current lead in time of one month for all websites – you pay a deposit, or the whole lot and you will have a beautiful responsive website delivered in 4 weeks.

I work solo, even though Get Pro Copy Ltd sounds like a collective, but I’m not knackered and demoralised by a commute or bellend bosses or colleagues.

My workplace is a shrine to Apple, with a rescue border collie at my feet, and a teetotal lifestyle so I don’t go off on the piss and forget deadlines.

I’m proud of my 57 five star Google reviews and the increasing waiting list for websites, copywriting and social media marketing – I’ll do a great job for you whether you pay £50 a month or £1500 in one go.

How I roll.

I also mentor start ups. I don’t just want a website and to say off you go. I’ll coach you willingly on best practices to make your business grow.

Get Pro Copy Ltd earned me £6900 in its first year. I’m trying to break the £100,000 ceiling this year – but it’s not by being greedy or lazy, it’s through delivering top notch services that gets me recommended time and time again.

Want to pay monthly?

Contact me today.