I manage other companies social media so I’m always like a ferret down a rabbit hole. I sniff out relevant engaging news daily. This week I read about the inexorable rise in online shopping in the UK and Europe, with only China and the USA bucking the trend.

It’s been clear for a while now that digital marketing is the present and future at home. If you’ve not got a digital presence, prepare to become the next Blockbuster, BHS or Woolworths as trading conditions on high streets are tough.

You don’t have to invest in a website just to sell products either, or promote your products, though it’s a no brainer. A website can sell your services, your brand and you. Mine, this website, sells me well and keeps me in a lifestyle that is great. I’m no Amazon, but I have ambitions.

I don’t have an office on some trading estate, or business park. I don’t have many visitors knock on my door to meet. My base is bedroom 3 with decent tech and fast Google WiFi with a growing reputation for excellent service from my base in Bradwell, Norfolk for local customers and others based nationally and internationally.

People are finally cottoning on too that a website is necessary to showcase your work as a freelancer or potential employee. Who would impress most in an interview? The candidate with a website who can instantly show his or her portfolio of work or the one reliant on a CV, covering letter and references?

A website can be temporary too.

I’m delighted that I’ve now done about seven websites for temporary promotion.

You may, as a property developer, want a landing page creating to avoid the expense of traditional marketing via an estate agency, who charges so much because they are in turn exploited by the obscene portal costs of Rightmove.

A stand alone domain name costs around £10 and a website with hosting and logo, Google map integration and emails, can be had from me for under £300. Much better than splashing cash on print marketing and, if you’re confident, this approach will work, cheaper than hiring an estate agent, many of whom are mediocre with several excellent ones in each area.

If you’re actively seeking employment, a personal website can make you stand out too.

A link to your LinkedIn profile is a genius way of promoting yourself and again with a cost with hosting under £300 and a WordPress site you can add to, is a cost effective solution to launching yourself for work or self employment.

If you want to know more about growing a business, ask me.

This freelance business has grown from a monthly income of £25 in 2015 to much much more 4 years later.

With almost 40 five star Google reviews, you can trust Stuart Walton, sole employee in Get Pro Copy Ltd, apart from my companion, Cassie the border collie.