Naming a web design company is not an easy task at all. I know when I set up Get Pro Copy in November 2015, I spent a month scratching my head and asking people for suggestions.

It was made doubly odd back then that the fledgling business was purely focused on copywriting.

Pro Copy wasn’t available as a domain name and I did wonder about naming a web design company Get Pro Copy as it does have a certain Mondeo driving, photocopy supplying ring to it.

I chose it though and despite me veering off into other variants like Get Pro Marking and others, I’ve stuck with it.

First steps in naming a web design company

I would advise in saying the name out loud repeatedly as a starting point – Get Pro Copy rarely causes issues when I say my email address or company name as most of the country can seemingly understand those three words.

If it doesn’t sound like a mouthful, go for it.

Beware though that the web design company name you’ve mouthed daily like a mnemonic may not be available – like Pro Copy wasn’t for me; my first choice name.

Naming a web design company – finding the domain

You can go on Google and search for domain name sellers – I tend to stick with tsohost as many of my websites are hosted with them, and they don’t hike prices for hosting and renewals in year 2.

You can find tsohost here.

Describing what you do in your company name

When I made a tilt in May 2018 to web design, I bought various new domains like Get Pro Website, Get Pro Web Design and the like. They’ve all lapsed now as I found diluting the Get Pro Copy brand was self defeating. That company has been established for almost five years and has improving Domain Authority year on year and a vast library of almost 400 blog posts and probably approaching half a million of snippets on social media posts, backlinks etc. Why throw that domain under a bus, because Copy is no longer my primary income?

The other thing you need to be aware of is that buying domain names for SEO keyword phrases is no longer effective – Google have stopped rewarding companies called, for example, The London Web Design Company with high page rankings simply because their domain fits a search phrase.

I was pleased that my Pro middle name is used by Apple with iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, AirPods and iPhones – though they did come first obviously!

And my prices are not Apple either.

Logo for naming a web design company

You need a logo, probably with icon for favicons, for your web design company and indeed any copy. We are suitably trained as web readers to understand that tapping an icon takes us back to the home page of a website. You can incorporate it too in your email signatures, accounting software (quotes and invoices with Xero), social media channels and business cards. It can become physical branding too on wrapped vehicles and premises.

You must pay a graphic designer for a logo, but my advice is not to get too preoccupied with it, as the name, content, marketing is far more important.

And don’t let someone have your pants down with prices.

I can recommend high quality and affordable logo designers, as well as others for business stationery, like letterheads, business cards.

Finally, if you need further advice

I’ve created a very successful business with Get Pro Copy Ltd.

£6900 income in its first year to levying VAT now for services.

Not a humble brag – a fact.

If you have the drive and motivation to create your own business and the creativity to sustain it, we need to talk – not in a business coaching type of way, but with me talking you through what you need to do to ensure success with little money to start up.

I’ve been there myself, earning £25 in month one and was helped by so many to make this business a success – I never forget helpers and I’d be happy to help you name a web design company (or any other company) and forge a positive financial future for yourself and your family.

Contact me today.