Some times less is more.

Brevity in a message can speak louder than a scripted call to action.

Same with websites.

The problem is though that one page websites – those you land on, scroll through and feel compelled to act upon – can be financially onerous for a start up or small business.

But do they have to be so expensive?


I’ve chatted this weekend with a friend Nick from Essex. I don’t normally class clients as friends but I do occasionally make exceptions as he is, to go all Mancunian, “dead sound”.

I asked Nick what he’d pay as an estate agent for a domain and designed page for a property he’s selling as an estate agent and he told me.

I thought more about this as when I go on a twice yearly hunt for O level certificates and the like, I often find the printed brochures of property I owned and marvel at how bad marketing, writing and photography was back in the 80s and 90s. I occasionally wish I could still find these online as a digital brochure and that’s one of the ideas behind this.  How many vendors would estate agents attract if they could say at valuation: our writer will ring you, our photographer will take great shots and then you will have your own microsite.

It’s not just for estate agents though.

Developers – I don’t mean Barratts, Persimmon necessarily – but the smaller ones who have a local presence (I remember Mell Builders in Doncaster as one example) who could benefit from a microsite of developments they’re planning with the usual suspects of site plans, photos, descriptions but also a microsite on each type of property.

I counted the number of “Hadleigh” type properties on the new build development we live on (yes I need to get out more) on Phase One and I do think some of the owners would have liked a microsite of their home for posterity. Mine could be

This landing page scenario is to stop website bloat.

I often get asked to look at websites where it’s had the equivalent of 20 extensions built on and now it looks and feels like you can’t find your way round.

Home – About – Products – News – Contact will general suffice on a website and you may decide that a separate domain will serve you better than constantly adding information, new pages and posts to an existing website.

You know me, or should know me.

I’m not one of those types who advocates something and never practises what he preaches.

I’m building a one page website for Nick as a trial run. I’ve bought the domain, added it to hosting and am in the process of creating it, once other business has a lull.

If you’re interested in me creating a new domain where you can showcase a new development, a property, a product, a new service, an offer, email me at [email protected] – it’s more affordable and greener than designing and printing a leaflet and will last a lot longer.

Here is the live example: