I was debating for weeks whether to get a new MacBook Pro or an iPad Pro, because when we were holidaying in the north Pennines, work didn’t stop. It’s not because I didn’t want to turn off from writing, social media and web design, more that I’ve crafted a reputation for getting things done quickly and to ignore clients for a week felt wrong.

Bits of work did materialise and it was a struggle to manage tasks on my iPhone 8 Plus, which prompted a visit to Stormfront in Durham and an internal debate about whether a MacBook Pro or new cellular iPad Pro (12.9) would be a better portable investment.

Now I’m usually impetuously impulsive but I delayed until return, completing tasks on the iPhone.

The decision was made on return as I realised I could get an iPad Pro with generous data on upgrade and sell my older one.

Apple Pencil purchased, returned and repurchased. Don’t ask.

Dock bought and YouTube videos watched and I’ve now concluded that I prefer the versatility and portability of the massive iPad to my ageing 2011 MacBook Pro and indeed the new 15 inch ones I tried in Durham.

I’m not sure I could design a WordPress website entirely on an iPad but for editing, publishing new posts and operating social media, I think it’s a better choice.

I’ve just created this post on the iPad and though not as fast as a physical keyboard (next purchase?) the buttery smooth OS, processor and screen real estate makes running a business, a web design business, a distinct possibility from this iPad alone.

Tomorrow, I will buy a 99p domain, install WordPress, themes and add it to my hosting c panel all from this device and tell you definitively whether it’s possible or a pain.

Check back later this week.