Wouldn’t we all, you may be thinking, with my temerity of asking for more money. The thing is though that self-employment is feast or famine, boom or bust and other clichéd parallels, and you may mutter “cheeky sod” at my front.

But bear with me.

When I was in employment, I often observed of myself and others that the most energy was expended on actually avoiding work. Who wouldn’t on £8 per hour, or £25 per hour as teacher? The wages and conditions of employment, looking back, were exploitative. I worked for one company where we were even expected to contribute £1 per week to the tea and coffee fund – even though we were all on zero pay, commission only, exploited leaflet droppers and brand ambassadors. 

What an idiot I was trying my hand with that company. 

But now, I don’t do employment but I do do retainers.

I like them and companies do.

You don’t have to pay me a year’s salary for someone sitting, avoiding work, in your company. 

I ask what you want doing in terms of writing, web design and maintenance and social media, I calculate the time needed for this per month and quote you a fixed amount ranging from £150 to £1000 depending on the jobs in hand. 

The beauty of this arrangement is that you think I’m not offering genuine value for money with what I do, or offering a good ROI, you cancel the monthly retainer. I don’t tie clients in because it works two ways – if I don’t like your way of working, your attitude, your demands on my time, I walk away and refund you if you’ve made a further payment. It’s not a free trial as such for a month because I don’t do a thing until I see the bank credit.

But if you like my modus operandi and what I’m doing for your business, we carry on. If you don’t, wave goodbye and part amicably because neither of us wants a longer term relationship based on mistrust or exploitation, do we?

So how can I help you and your business?

If any catch your eye, get in touch.

  1. Sort out your website if it needs sorting out. Make it responsive, quick to load and fit for 2019 and beyond. Maintain and host it too for a fixed sum. 
  2. Add a blog tab and actually write some content for you within that time. It will delight Google and give your social media tribes a frisson of delight when they read engaging content from a website and company that normally offers little new insights or information. Add new blog posts to an existing news page that is comatose. 
  3. Manage your LinkedIn profile and company pages, not as me, acerbic Stuart Walton but as you in your company tone of voice, mining for connections and engaging in conversations on that platform. 
  4. Add new landing pages for offers or new services.

Contact me for more information.