We all get older, we all age, as humans.

Our digital businesses are no different – they age.

I remember vividly the pride I felt when I got my first brand new car – a K reg diesel Ford Fiesta in 1996 and thinking I was a big time Charlie as it had a rear wash wipe and a glass sunroof. I’m sure now if I was teleported back to then, I’d be agog at how basic it was (good fuel economy though of 60 mpg).

Your website is no different

It will have aged at a faster rate than a car or interior decor. Take mine in its original format, expertly designed for me, by a great web designer. It looked cutting edge in 2015 and I could have blithely kept in its original incarnation for 4 years and more. It loaded quickly, was responsive on mobile and had clear calls to action. It had thin content though on the Home and About pages. The blog posts were frequent on the news page and the contact page was, well, a contact page.

A flying start

Get Pro Copy, in its original state, served me well, but as my business expanded from content creation to social media marketing and web design, it was looking in need of a refurb. The Fiesta glass sunroof needed automatic dual zone climate control, so to speak.

I could have left it as it was and added extensions to the pages, but I decided to grab the content, URLs or permalinks, the metadescriptions and redesign it.

I’ve redesigned for others too

I created a connection online with Tom Calland last year and his journey with MBE Academy seemed to mirror mine. He had a perfectly decent website but to enhance his credibility I advised him to have a redesign by me. He has. It’s worked. Not just because of the website but because Tom is excellent at what he does: he’s intelligent and creative and deserves success. His new website and social media posts are winning him more business.

Same with others – Stewart McAleese had two websites separately designed by me some time ago and as his JSM Safety Solutions Business has developed, he decided to refresh both into one with a revamp by me. He’s dead happy with it too.

Show me the money

There’s no doubt that redesigning a website represents great value for money. For less than a few days in a posh Butlins (Center Parcs) you can have a premium redesign with original SEO and content left in place but enhanced by up to date web design technology.

There’s no doubt that in four years web design has evolved and I’m certain that this website, in its current incarnation, will change again later this year. You have to, to keep things fresh and maintain business momentum I believe.

How much does it cost to redesign a website?

It costs from £500 to £1500 plus VAT depending on how much you want to add and how big the website currently is.

I guarantee too that your website will turn heads as I take massive pride in my work. I don’t outsource. I’m creative and hard-working and walk the walk.

I drove a Fiesta in 1996; I now drive a new BMW X3.

The BMW is a million times better – I can make your old Fiesta zing like a German executive car.

Your website, your digital showroom that is.

Want to know more?

Contact me today.

Your payment won’t be frittered away on drugs or drink – it will be a part investment in a Rolex which I will buy in April when I retire!