This website is overdue a total makeover. It started off almost four years ago as a simple brochure site of 4 pages to showcase my copywriting services and it’s since gone off on more tangents than a parliamentary Brexit debate (in a similar time span)

Keep it fresh

You see design and branding should never remain static. This website when I relaunched it 18 months ago looked the dog’s bollocks as it did in its original inception in November 2015, but time waits for no man.

I honestly feel like that builder who will convert and extend well for clients, whilst his own house needs work.

I’ve done better websites for clients than this one – and a redesign is coming – just as Brexit is?!?

In the meantime …

I ordered an orange sofa bed from Habitat for the home office, no doubt inspired by the haunted hat stand of the Commons leader, with visions of lying recumbent in double breasted (track)suit exuding an air of entitlement.

I had a choice of charcoal, orange or teal and went orange as my wallpaper is a bougie “Scion Mr Fox” design and I do have a very feminine side for design and decor.

Nik McEwan, a mate, called me the Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen of Norfolk, which I took as a compliment, as we are similarly aged and similarly famous.

Vanity is my middle name

I’ve never liked the way I’ve looked in life and had to make up fo a lanky physique and a face only a mother could love with personality. I have that in bucket loads and always have done.

The home office has to reflect me personally and professionally – it’s stuffed with Apple gadgetry and you may view it as a mini Apple Store, except I have no tattoos and am not an evangelical sales wanker, like those in there.

It has Mac, HomePod, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, AirPods and Pencil (Series 2) yet the makeover with new sofa and a new cabinet from Pink Office left me wanting more.

An orange foxy website

It had to happen – the cornflower blue had served me well for almost 4 years but orange had to replace it.


Then I had the ball ache of changing every coloured element of the website to this colour.

Is orange better than blue?

A bit like Brexit, opinions are divided, as indeed is my own.

I did initially love the change but now I’m less convinced.

What do you think?

Whilst looking, have a peek at my Portfolio and if you want a new website, one rebranding or redesigning, or search optimised copy or social media management (or your property selling through my other business interest, Nest in Norfolk, I kid you not), get in touch.

I’ve 47 five star reviews on Google, thousands of social followers across six platforms and can assure you, I walk the walk and not just talk the talk.