I went solo at the beginning of May 2018, having been a partner in a web design company for a year to see if I could continue the success single-handedly.

The jury has returned a verdict saying yes you managed it.

The web count now stands at thirty in 3 months, which is 10 per month on average, or 2.5 per week and it’s increasing daily.

Clearly clients like what I do and what I charge.

So without further ado, here’s a list of ones I’ve created that I can disclose:

  1. Moloney Developments – for a team in Manchester. Simple landing website with Home and Contact.
  2. Finding the Finance  – a simple one page website for a finance firm in Glasgow.
  3. Nest Negotiators – a new extension of an estate agency service for Nick Cheshire of Nest in Essex.
  4. Masutes –  a website for a property investment firm.
  5. Matthew Clarke Photography  – a local lad who took my headshots in the woods.
  6. M8 Financial – a finance firm in Scotland.
  7. Manchester Tattoo Trust – built for the bee tattoo charity .
  8. Vinyl Archivist – launching soon.
  9. Brabbey Flooring – for a top flooring fitting company in Bolton.
  10. Quick Flooring – launching soon and I traded the website for goats (I kid you not!)
  11. Mooredges Airguns and Country Clothing – a full ecommerce site for a company in Doncaster.
  12. Crespire Creations – an Anglo-Indian wedding and events company, based here in Gorleston, Norfolk.
  13. Eagle Eye Camera Systems – coming soon.
  14. Refresh Bathrooms – for a Wigan firm.
  15. Hunt and Oak – a clothing firm in Lowestoft, launching soon.
  16. Penny Farthing Jewellers – East Sussex, a full ecommerce site, launching soon.
  17. Event Safety Consultancy – Manchester.
  18. Cav-mate – for Matt in Kent.
  19. Total Documentation Services – launching soon, from Manchester for Neil.
  20. M8 Commercial – having a redesign and launched soon.

The other ten are under NDAs and haven’t got my name on the footer.

My point is that the step from copywriter and social media manager to web design has been a tremendous success.

You can contact any of the twenty clients above and ask them what I was like to work with – or check out my testimonials on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook if you’re a bit shy of a direct approach.

If you want a website designing at an affordable cost in a quick timeframe, give me a bell anytime or drop me an email.

I’d like to add another 10 to the above list in August and two are already under construction for an August launch.

I need just eight more to maintain this batting average! Go on, punks, make my day (or month).