I genuinely love what I do: web design, copywriting and digital marketing.  There is one part of that triad though that turns me to despair: the logo.

Don’t get me wrong; some clients are very easy going and are happy with a first or second version, but, no word of a lie, I’ve refunded two clients who can’t get their heads beyond the logo stage.

These are not big corporate customers with a million branded items – no: 90% of my work is with SMEs and most of those are start ups.

But carnage can develop

You see I like a logo in place to set the website up as it gives me some creative ideas in terms of colours, fonts and design. I like it even more when a client draws a logo, specifies colours and gives me some ideas, like this:






which quickly was transformed into:






for Julia and her new site.

A logo is important yes

I’m not decrying the value or importance of a logo in branding – all I’m urging people to do is take a pragmatic approach to it.

The layout, the site speed, the UX, the design, the content, the responsiveness, the links to social media are far more important than the bloody logo.

Call to action: if you commission a website from me, a logo can be designed for £50 + VAT, not £1100 + VAT which one client was quoted by a web design agency – but treat it as a small part of the web design process.

The logo is not the be all and end all.

If you’re looking for content, a logo, a website, advice on social media, contact me today.