Page one Google dreams

We all dream of being at the top of page one of Google for lucrative search terms but it’s not an easy task to achieve at all.

Firstly, you’ve got to find the search volumes (if they’re labelled as 10 per month, don’t bother), work out whether competition is high, medium or low and then optimise your digital channels for these.

Web design Norwich

Take this business as an example – it sits at the top of the search piles for various long tail phrases but the biggies like “web design Norwich” or “Norwich web design” are a Work In Progress. I’d love to see myself proudly perched on page one or page two but I’m nowhere near that summit yet, but, importantly, I realise what needs to be done to get there.

It’s all about the blogs?

Blogging, along with social media signage and backlinks, is a key component of my plans to rise. Every time, I write about a topic, any topic, website traffic accelerates as it is added to my five active social channels. If I pay to boost it across Facebook and Instagram, posts get even more clicks. I know because I’m anal about analytics. I watch stats like a kestrel hovers on a motorway verge.

Google search console

When I add a new blog post, I submit the “property” on Google Search Console and add it to Google My Business. This tells Google to index fresh content and it loves that.

But how do you own page one of Google?

By owning it, I mean googling your own company name and seeing what comes up in Private Browsing Mode, like this:

























That Pro Copy one ruins the show a bit – but you get the idea.

You need to develop links

Second result for Get Pro Copy is Companies House and the third is to my LinkedIn etc.

This is how you own page one – by building links for your company name, ensuring you’re verified by Google and on Google Maps and that you’re active with posting updates on Google My Business.

I started this business on 1st November 2015, when I realised I had to do something new after being blacklisted in education, and a four, almost five year, journey began.

Back from Edinburgh, a place we’re not moving to, I have renewed resolve to not just own page one for the company name, but for Norfolk copywriter, digital marketing, GCSE marking with Get Pro Marking and freelance web design.

I am like a dog with a stick when I have a goal – if you want to know how I can make you own page one and become visible for your search terms, contact me for advice on blogging, digital promotion and web design today.