When I begin a web design project, I often ask “Do you use What’s App” and 97% of the time, the answer is “yes I do.”

Good I think.

That means files, photos and text can be ported quickly between myself and the client with me even having it minimised permanently on the iMac.

It saves the faff of email. It makes communication instant. But it can become an unwelcome distraction and here’s why.

I have “read receipts” toggled on within the app and this is the first issue. Clients, friends expect instant action. You’ve read it and they anticipate immediate answers and quick responses to problems.

Except sometimes I need a break, I need to drive, I need to shower, walk, eat but 30% of clients I’d say expect an instant response and if they don’t, because that is a cultural norm, they can get arsey.

I think most of the time iMessage, What’s App is great, but there is that constant expectation that you’ve deigned to open your phone, read the message and will now abandon your shower, walk, meal to change a word or image on a website.

I’m feeling that vibe now as my client list grows and existing ones and some new ones begin to treat me like an employee.

I’m not an employee, I don’t do bosses, I certainly take umbrage at constant pecking from certain clients who expect responses and actions in nano-seconds.

That’s going.

I’ve actually decided now I’ve become established to drop clients who are bother.

Not because I’m lazy, or can’t be bothered, but because it’s not often reciprocated. That appreciation for the extra mile you walk weekly for all clients is not appreciated or respected.

Some do.

Don’t get me wrong. 70% are fine. They pay for my time, thank me for my time and will leave reviews saying how prompt and thorough I am.

Others – about a third – don’t and when you ask to write a Google review or a LinkedIn recommendation, they don’t respond – even though I respond instantly 95% of the time to sort out their requests.

Things are changing though.

What’s App read receipts are being toggled off and when someone next asks to me to add a block to a website, find a different picture, they can find a different web designer and copywriter.

Not being a prima donna at all, just the new teeth have emboldened me and to be honest, I’m a bit tired of the ball and chain anchoring me to the phone and computer.

New teeth, new me, new What’s App processes.