Cheap website design for small business

What a dangerous, foolish title – and the temerity of me pushing the word “cheap” to the front too.

Cheap is associated with nasty, “cheap and nasty.”

The commonplace “cheap as chips”.

Or the slightly more charitable “cheap and cheerful”.

But there’s a problem with this linguistic apartheid where cheap is replaced by affordable – because does cheap have to be nasty?

Perhaps yes or perhaps not?

Cheap supermarkets

I used to crow about my Waitrose shopping habits, occasionally M and S and Sainsbury’s before heading to Asda and Tesco as spending power dwindled.

I still use all five but I’m a bit smitten by cheap supermarkets – namely Aldi and Lidl.

Each one is cheap – a typical trolley costs £60 which you know would cost £100 in any of the others and yet neither is nasty.

In fact, I quite like the experience in Lidl and Aldi.

Okay I don’t get a free Latte or a green token to drop in some charity chute, but is that coffee worth £40 and a 40 mile round trip?

Perhaps yes – I certainly used to think so.

I’m not so sure now.

Are you?

Cheap copywriters

When I first started out, I’d happily undercut others and others would undercut me too – in the so-called race to the bottom. Neither I nor the rival were cheap and nasty. We were both good, but I decided to stop that game as my skillsets with web design expanded, along with my waist.

Cheap copywriters exist and like Aldi and Lidl, they’re serving a need.

My prices aren’t Waitrose but as I’ve found out working with a new web designer, producing copy for some of his websites, he considers me cheap.

Or affordable, if you’re squirming.

I’m not really cheap – compared with my previous pay as an English teacher, my writer hourly rate is excellent, but he’s right, I’m cheaper than others.

Because I’m skilled and quick with words.

Cheap web designers

Held in the same regard as cheap copywriters, as well as cheap shops, but is there a sea change coming on?

I used to drive to Waitrose and still love a wander round John Lewis and will, when I feel an urge, spend big in there for quality of service and the experience.

Some web designers have Waitrose prices and they’re fully justifiable as they deliver excellence repeatedly.

But my point is this – if you need a website that renders on mobile, tablet and desktop, that is well designed with optimised copy, you choose who to go with and if I had millions to spend, I’d happily spend a small fortune on a top web designer.

But I haven’t; so I choose Aldi and Lidl for services, yet I drive BMWs and spend money on bulk San Pellegrino. An enigma wrapped in a puzzle, me.

Affordable websites

A website built on WordPress, hosted on fast Cloud servers, can cost as much as you want and what you perceive the value to be.

If I can build one in two days to a week, I’m happy to do that. It keeps me busy, spreads the word about Get Pro Copy (900 new visits to the website in the past 7 days) and makes small businesses, where initial capital outlay can be problematic, happy.

If you’re quoted Moët and Chandon prices, but have beer money, like me, ask me what I’d charge.

I specialise in cheap website design for small business.

All my contact details are here.