How much do you charge for web design in Norwich is a question sometimes posed to me by prospective clients and I used to estimate hours needed and charge accordingly.

But I read an article today on LinkedIn that really resonated with me as someone is looking to climb ranks and make a name for web design in Norwich.

The argument, in a nutshell, was that freelancers shouldn’t have an hourly rate but be paid on the value they offer a business or customer.

I like the concept.

Here’s why.

When someone asks me what I charge per hour for copywriting, social media marketing or web design, I blithely give a figure.


Here’s the point.

And I’m not giving it the Big I Am at all, but for me to research a topic, create a unique article that is optimised for search, is actually quite a quick process.

What do others charge?

Where other copywriters – and I know this from a conversation this week – would take twice as long and charge twice as much.

Think of the plumber or the hairdresser.

You pay a plumber £50 with no questions asked for half an hour’s work, because you know that it could take you 4 hours and you’d probably cock it up. Same with a barber or hairdresser – £12 for 15 minutes work but it’s not something you could probably do yourself without making a mess.

What I can do for web design in Norwich and elsewhere?

I write quickly, I design websites quickly, I manage social media creatively and effectively – not because I Am Legend, but because they’re my core niche skills.

Ask me to build a shed, lay a patio or wallpaper a room, and I’d make a right pig’s ear of all three.

So instead of asking me in future what my hourly rate is for web design in Norwich, copywriting in Newcastle or social media management in Manchester, ask what I can add to your business and think of me as that plumber, electrician, hairdresser, who can do the job much faster and much better than you can.

Does that make sense?