I’ve always been madly fixated with property. I bought my first house at 23 in Oldham and have made money from buying, selling, moving ever since. House prices may be unreachable for so many, but for me, investing £18,000 when on a salary of £8000 pa in 1988, it’s been a nice little earner, that equity.

A few years ago, now, I worked in estate agency, to take that mild obsession to a new level and when I set up this business, it quickly morphed into writing for the property industry.

Branching into web design though, in May 2018, after a year of website partnership, I was longing for a new property website to slake my housing thirst and not 1, but 3, have landed.

Nest Negotiators

I was asked by Nick Cheshire of Nest in Essex to design a new landing page for his buying service in Rayleigh, Essex, and to say I was pleased to be commissioned, is something of an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed creating it with Nick.

Next up was:

Rickner Charles

Bizarrely, perhaps, another one from Essex, this time for Ronnie Rickner. Unlike Nest Negotiators, Ronnie intended listing properties on the new website and when I accepted, it was with anticipation and doubt. When I was in the property selling industry, I commissioned a web designer for mine, but now a challenge had been set for me. I did it. Loved it. Ronnie even thanked me in a video testimonial, which was nice.

Like buses, though, a third came along; from Nick again and Nest in Essex who wanted his website to have an overhaul.

Could I do it?


I’m a veritable expert I reckoned until the timeline reared its head.

Have a look at the home page below and the rather snazzy timeline that eventually developed nicely but kept me awake at night initially – for real.

Nest in Essex

See what I mean? We’re both chuffed with it though after launch. Live properties too.

Last week, a LinkedIn contact asked me if I’d take on a project – a cafe in Chiswick.

Clearly, my Essex days are over now I’m heading into Landan?

Here’s the website. The brief was to integrate colours from the supplied logo, explain opening times, include menus, and have a Call Now button for mobile phones.

The Odd Spot Café

I like this one. Ok there’s no property but it’s https, mobile responsive and hosted free for a year – as all my websites are.

Now what will come next?

Who knows?

I’m up for any web design challenge thrown at me!

Contact me in whichever way you like and I’ll respond instantly.