Aftercare- and why it matters with web design.

I thought I’d explain how I operate and how some web designers behave, exemplifying what you get after your payment has been credited and your website shines bright like a diamond. On all devices.

I back up your website daily within the WordPress dashboard with a nifty plugin that does it for me. Siteground and Tsohost, the two hosting providers, where your website will sit with me having overview, back it up constantly too so you’re doubly assured.

You need someone to have your back up, hun, because if your website comes tumbling down, you and I want it restored, with me facilitating that through the plugin or by contacting the hosting specialists. If your site is not being backed up, it’s like leaving £1000 on the front seat of a car, with your keys next to it, ready for both to be taken.

Standard with websites from Get Pro Copy Ltd, and if your website gives you the white screen of death on Friday night at 8pm, you don’t have to wait for the web design agency to facilitate the fix on Monday or contact your hosting provider yourself. It’s what I do for your website and the 53 others I manage. See more of I what offer here.


I like to think at 53, I know a fair bit about web design having been in copywriting and web design (front end and back end, ooh Mrs) since 2015, but I always learn more and now instead of going into every website’s dashboard every Sunday to manually update plugins, I’ve been alerted to a paid tool that does it. It costs money every month, but it will save me 2 hours every week, so it will pay back in time efficiency.

Which brings me neatly to outsourcing.

I’ll hold my hand up and say clearly if someone asks me to create an email marketing template, I’ll try it, but something that may take you 6 hours to do will take me three and a specialist one hour. I outsource it. Same with SEO. I have a rudimental understanding but I wouldn’t claim to be an SEO specialist (or email expert) but I know two excellent ones and will point you their way.

Same with web design – if someone asks for a website that I know is well outside my comfort zone, instead of letting you down and stressing myself out, I’ll refer you on to web design experts in that niche.

Obviously, brochure websites, property listing websites, blogging sites and ecommerce ones are all well inside my comfort zone so I don’t hand them to other designers like confetti at a wedding, but if someone asks for something that is incredibly complex and where I’ve no experience, I’ll pass you on.

I’ve built 53 websites since 1st May 2018 when I went solo and several clients have had more than one from me – what does that tell you? Business is all about treating people right, so Adam, Khaleel, Steven, Julie and Rita can turn round when asked who did their website and say without gritted teeth “Stuart Walton, he’s great.”

I care about you and your business before the website build begins, during it and afterwards when your payment has long been expended on a customary purchase of some Apple device or accessory. I get repeat business. Seen my testimonials?

Aftercare is one reason.

You want more pages adding or minor changes? I do that for my reasonable hourly rate and don’t deliberately swerve requests as CBA,

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