5 things I’d like to change about the web design industry?

  1. PRICING. Why do some web designers and web developers levy eye-watering prices? A brochure website should not cost thousands. If you’re being asked for the price of a luxury holiday, look elsewhere.
  2. DECEPTION. Businesses exist to make money, I know that. But the industry, like many others, has many deceivers in it. Web design is not a walk in the park – but you don’t need to be Stephen Hawking to understand the set up and execution.
  3. HOSTING COSTS. Piss off with your £138 per month charge to clients. Unless you’re using SSD / hard drive technology, you’re robbing them.
  4. CODED WEBSITES. You code your websites to make them bespoke, I get that. But you also code them so the client has to use you for changes. Stick Fusion Builder, Elementor and a Premium template on and stop souring future relationships by tying customers in a coded maze.
  5. OPENNESS. How many web designers openly advertise prices? Very few. I’m not saying there needs to be no room for manoeuvre on prices – but the cloak and dagger, smoke and mirrors secrecy will win you few clients and fewer repeat customers.

Any others?