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A website is only part of your business journey

That title may sound a bit odd, coming from this Norwich web designer and copywriter, even self-deprecatory to a point of self-defeating but it’s true. A website won’t make you any money. It won’t pay the bills, your mortgage, your car loan and feed you at all. Let me explain, before you assume I’ve lost

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Are you looking at page 14 for web design in Norwich?

We all want to be found on page one of Google, don't we, for our services and products? We all want that moment when someone searches for removal firms in Sheffield that you come up on page one. Assuming of course you're a removal company. And in Sheffield. Companies invest big money in SEO because

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What is Search Engine Optimisation? No shouting now!

IWent into Norwich today, emancipated, semi-retired, liberated and got into random conversations in various shops. Taken out of context, read here, they might sound like the ramblings of a social misfit, but no the conversations came round to social media and what is Search Engine Optimisation.

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