I do think that I’ve developed my own social media channels for Get Pro Copy Ltd pretty well. All six are relatively active, with YouTube slumbering, whilst others are frantic with energy.

I spend most time and energy on the ones that deliver results for me: LinkedIn, then Facebook, then Instagram. I pin blog posts on Pinterest and have, according to their stats, 4000 monthly viewers. I tweet and engage on there as it’s good for brand awareness.

My efforts are focused mainly on LinkedIn.

Where your target audience is

This business of freelance WordPress web design is primarily B2B. So is copywriting, as is social media marketing. I’m more likely to find that audience on LinkedIn than elsewhere. I’d say 80% of my income from social media comes from there. My audience of start ups, SMEs have company pages and key employers on LinkedIn and I connect and form a relationship with them.

You’ve got to determine which platform would best suit your business – and this is where coaching comes in.

Being coachable

I do come across as a cantankerous curmudgeon and it’s a profile I’ve built assiduously. I am Marmite. Tact is not my middle name. I do say things as they are, because no one can bollock me (except the wife) as this business is all mine. I am though a very quick and keen learner.

Most years, for the past decade, I undergo training in marking GCSE English exams. I’ve been to Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff to meet Team Leaders who’ve coached me and others in applying a mark scheme consistently. When I return home, the Team Leader is not in my boot, meaning I’m free to apply the principles I’ve learned over a day.

Coaches and Directors

I once held a position of “Director of English” across three schools, overseeing the curriculum in two middle schools and a federated high school, a job I loved. I taught in all three schools and effectively worked with three teams to make transition seamless and improve results. A big part of my job then was coaching non-specialists in the two middle schools, whose specialism was not Literacy. Coaching meant I provided resources to use for teaching, led training on teaching and learning and provided constant support for these wonderful colleagues.

Now, just like the exam board Team Leader, I didn’t sneak to the back of the classroom (the car boot) to check on progress. We talked. We looked at pupil responses collectively and refined ideas.

Coaching is just that in my opinion – giving someone a framework to follow and then managing by walking away.

Digital coaching

Those principles I demonstrated daily in teaching and leading English have been transferrable. When I am paid to walk into a school and lead English department training, it’s like falling off a log for me. Ergo web design, writing and social media.

I have zero fears of speaking with and delivering to strangers. Public speaking doesn’t terrify me as it’s something I’ve done all my life in a classroom or leading assemblies.

Like with those English departments, I can quickly identify issues and put plans in place to improve matters.

Your company may be B2B and focusing the marketing department on Facebook and Instagram with poor ROI. You may be overselling your company instead of creating brand followers.

A coaching sesh

I’ll rock up in jeans and trainers, armed with all sorts of Apple merch, talk with you and others about what is currently taking place in digital marketing and then do a 1 hour presentation. I’ll cover best practices on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google My Business. I’ll demonstrate the power of blogging. I’ll coach your team.

Results, just as they did when I led English departments from 1987 to 2015, will improve.

Coach not replace

I clearly don’t want to manage your company’s digital marketing in the medium to long term. My objective is to give strategies, ideas, a plan to Karen and Rob who run the marketing department. Obviously if you’re seeing fantastic results from social media, you don’t need me – you need to praise Karen and Rob.


If the marketing is poor or average, instead of finding someone else internally or externally, you bring in a social media and content marketing consultant like me.

I don’t charge the earth. My hourly rate is reasonable. All I ask you to do is commit to a time, date and place, pay the agreed amount to cover planning, travel, hotel (if needed) and my time there as a one-off payment. When that sum is paid, I spray on some Lynx Africa, put on some nice clothes and rock up with ideas that will ignite your marketing.

Call me today on 07462923476 or email me: [email protected] if you’re interested and to check my availability.