Social Media Marketing Prices for Small Businesses?

First let’s rewind to my childhood – which some would argue hasn’t ended yet: from when I was five in 1970 to ahem 2016. Yes I’ve had a tough paper round (it was teaching what did it).

You remember that thud as Yellow Pages landed through the letterbox?

Do you?

I remember it.

That scrolling through news on Teletext and Ceefax?

The old potato bag that your mum carried to the greengrocer’s then shopping at the butcher’s next door?

You popping into Victoria Wine, and Blockbuster’s for a  VHS video for the weekend, when at university?

I do.

I remember that way of life vividly and fondly.

If you’re of a certain age, you probably will too.

It’s gone though, largely, never to return.

The internet and social media has changed everything.

If you want your business to grow in 2017, you’d better get social.

If you are social, ask yourself is my social media marketing strategy non-existent, comatose or actually dead?

If it’s any of these three, we need to talk.

I can help you grow through social media marketing for small businesses with prices that are affordable.

Can you afford not to pay these social media marketing prices?

You can’t and here’s why …

When you’re driving anywhere,  or cycling, or walking, shopping, or dining out, whatever, look at the number of people glued to smartphones.

Everyone is at it, I’m no different either.

It’s a modern way of life.

Why are people of all ages transfixed by smartphones?

It was Pokemon Go in July, but now it’s for mobile browsing, music and video streaming and getting all social on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

When people are out and about, too, they’re often searching for information.

That information may not be immediately searched for via a mobile browser like IE, Safari or Chrome, but through social media.

Google is in fact worried that Facebook will overtake it for search enquiries too – that’s the power of 1.6 billion users.

In 2016 and 2017 and beyond, if I want to contact say an estate agent (my main line of social media marketing) I don’t wander high streets, I go online: I look and make a judgement on what I see.

  1. Is the company easy to find?
  2. Is it social?
  3. Are reviews positive?
  4. Is there clear evidence of excellent customer commitment?
  5. Is the content engaging, informative and fun or sell, sell, sell?

On this website, there are five social media icons and click the lot and judge whether I can walk the walk, rather than just talk the talk.

It’s why this new business is growing because I work at relationship marketing, content marketing, social media marketing like an old ninja for this company and for others who employ me.

Put me to the test today – via any of the five social media platforms or go old skool, using phone or email.

Your websites, your social media platforms and how you interact with customers on there, tells anyone far more than a wander down a shuttered high street on a Saturday morning, whatever business you’re in.

Yes you can have both as an estate agent – there’s arguably a need for a high street presence, but if 80% of internet usage in the UK is mobile, you have to get attention online and keep customers coming back to your virtual shop window, time and time again.

In business terms, it’s called content marketing – providing the content that will convert your readers into buyers when the time is right.

Your small business, though, your start up, your new product launch needs a social media marketing strategy in place along with a PR strategy, before the goods or service are launched or as near to its inception as possible.

You need to embrace, engage and marry social media if you’re to capture the 80% of people walking zombie like around towns, taking photos of salads and shoes, and tweeting about experiences.

You may not understand Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat but your audience does and I certainly do.

So I’ll cut to the Call to Action and perhaps reveal social media marketing prices.

Look at your shop window, your website, evaluate those social media links and its content, ask yourselves: “Does it need a makeover or managing day to day?”

If the answer is yes, contact me, who’s self employed and freelance, to set up and manage the social media accounts that are most appropriate for your company and products.

We can negotiate a one month rolling contract where you trust me to be your social marketing wizard, without the corporate grabbing, without the sneaky terms and conditions and with me, as an ex teacher, coaching and supporting your business growth through a bespoke social media marketing strategy so you don’t become the next Victoria Wine, BHS, or Blockbuster’s.

Testimonials for my work can be found on Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Trust me  to deliver successful social media marketing for your business – for less per month than you may imagine.

Get in touch today.