Decent website but how are you driving traffic there?

I design websites for clients. Done pretty well at it the last year too. 150 projects completed, with more stacked up, in line. I didn’t drive business though solely through this website or blogging prolifically. I’ve built a following, a big following on social media.

LinkedIn – 5000 connections and about 100 blocked.

Facebook – 710 likes and reach that regularly exceeds 1000 and way more with paid ads.

Instagram – 2500 followers.

Twitter – similar.

Pinterest – 1.3k monthly visitors.

Pretty good for a sole trader who has been in business for under 4 years, don’t you think?

This website is no slouch either in terms of visits. 

Many blog posts, promoted on social media, can generate 1000 visits in a week. Some less. Obviously.

My point is this though – you’ve probably invested good money in a website, paid someone to add the social pages and promptly forgotten about why the website and social is there – to generate business.

A website is only a tenth of your digital marketing, in my opinion. Yes it showcases your products and services, gets you found in time on search engines but social media should account for 90% of your online revenue. Social media should make you stand out from the competition.

I’m lucky in that I can write. I’ve got a 2.1 degree in English (big I am) and a lifetime of motivating my customers – hormonal teenagers – to buy into my business, which was teaching.

I knew full well though that when I set up the business 4 years ago, it would be a slow burn to make it a success and the website that was designed for me then bears no resemblance to what it is now – and in 4 years’ time, it won’t look as it does now.

That website was to give me some online credibility, sate my creativity and a project for me to work on. I’ve expended more time working on Get Pro Copy than I ever imagined. I love it though and love the returns I see. 

Social media marketing comes naturally to me as I’m an internet whore. I know what interests me and what bores me. I know the strategies to position yourself as an expert, to walk the walk and talk the talk. 

Cut to the chase, I hear you say?

Your website is probably getting very little attention for one reason – you’re not driving traffic to it. Content marketing does that. Blogging does that. An active and engaging Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram feed does that. 

Ok, you’re too busy to be messing around on social media. You’re still pissed off that you were charged £2000 plus VAT for a website that has done little.

It doesn’t have to be like that though at all.

You outsource your social media, your blogging to someone reliable, creative and responsible.


I’m a reliable brand ambassador who won’t get pissed and start an argument on your company pages (I save passive aggression for my own channels, mainly LinkedIn, which I love and hate). 

I don’t go for the white noise of sell, sell, sell.

We all fast forward through TV ads, we skip YouTube ads after 5 seconds and mass delete sales emails and direct messages.

No one wants to be sold to. 

My network knows what I do – write, design websites, mark exams, walk the dog, and manage social. I don’t need to tell the world that every status update – 1 in 8 will suffice.

So no sell, no yawns.

I do it already for quite a few companies and those who’ve stuck with it have seen returns, big returns. It’s not guaranteed though – but your chances of being found on search, building tribes of followers in social are much higher than if you leave that website and those dusty social pages in a coma.

I have extensive experience of generating results for companies. I don’t charge daft prices or tie you in. If you think it’s not working, you stop. I may try to persuade you otherwise if I can see growth. 

I work for individuals and companies based in Norwich and locally; I work for high profile individuals in London (who presumably are too tired from commuting) and others whose websites I’ve designed, who haven’t got the time or inclination to post a daily interesting status on their once inert social channels.

Have I piqued your curiosity for blogging or social media marketing? Or have I been too salesy? Look too at the social media icons on this page and you judge if I demonstrate social media marketing prowess on a daily basis with my own business. 

If you like what you see and don’t want to become a hostage to an expensive web design or marketing agency, drop me an email: [email protected] any time.