I thought I’d explain how to boost website traffic, using Pinterest.

Firstly, what is Pinterest?

At its simplest, Pinterest is a visual browser, but it is also a vital way to boost website traffic.

Pinterest is a virtual, visual site for photographic inspiration, or an online fridge with unlimited space on its sides.

It’s rather more than that though and is a definite social media platform you should be using fully to boost your website traffic.

You want inspiration for a project?

Look on PinterestIt’s excellent.

I found inspiration for my corporate headshots on there and also picked out many ideas for shoots with Steve Grogan Photographer when he visited to create superb backdrops for the estate agency website.

So what’s so great about Pinterest?

Here’s a nifty list of 10 reasons to use it:

  1. NO HASHTAGS. If you’re hashtag averse, you’ll love Pinterest as it does not reward hashtags. Instead it merits keywords so you can stuff your profile with them, whatever line of business you’re in.
  2. FREE. Facebook is free, Twitter is free, but Pinterest – unless you want Analytics – is free and unrestricted – Facebook deliberately restricts reach to encourage payment promotions.
  3. BETTER THAN INSTAGRAM. How? Pinterest works on a similar principle of uploading photos (to boards, called pins) but it allows clickable URL embedding, which Instagram doesn’t. This means a Pinned Photo can be edited so that when someone hovers over it, they are invited to visit the source page – your business, your blog posts, your products, your services and sales.
  4. 48 MILLION USERS. Yes that’s right. If you’re not on Pinterest, that’s a sizeable global audience you’re missing out on.
  5. FOLLOWERS. Unlike Twitter which imposes a Follow – Follower ratio, Pinterest doesn’t meaning you can build a following and create click throughs and brand authority without rationed restrictions.
  6. PRIVATE OR PUBLIC. When you set up an account, you create boards, with the nice part, being you can create Secret Boards for projects you’re working on, or for boards you don’t want to publicise yet.
  7. HYBRID PLATFORM. By this I mean it performs social, search and bookmarking functions.
  8. NOT JUST FOR CUPCAKES. Pinterest has often been unfairly derided for photos of cakes and nail art, but this is changing. A largely female audience is now being embraced too by men. With user growth developing daily, ignore at your peril!
  9. EASY TO MANAGE. Once set up, with the Pinterest Browser button added, using the platform is easy. See a photo, save it to Pinterest on one of your boards. You can like other Pinners at will and find topics and categories to match your niche.
  10. ADD THE PIN BUTTON. Just as many businesses have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social buttons, a Pinterest metatag is easy to add to your website. Once there, feed your board daily with Pins and boost website traffic.

If all this daunts you as a time-poor business, contact me for a price to build one for your company – prices are charged hourly by me, and I guarantee you’ll see the benefits of me building one, or even managing it for you daily, for a small nominal fee.

I’ve built 3 this week.

You want to be my fourth?

Drop me an email at [email protected] and trust me to boost website traffic for your business, with added Pinterest.