You may have noticed, if you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest that your social media reach may be dwindling. Why? Have you considered the best time to post?

If not, read on for an easy to follow guide of the best time to post on social media platforms.

Let’s start with the big gun of social media marketing, Facebook. It has 1.6 billion users per month and cannot be ignored as a marketing channel for your business. 

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Many people, when they begin a Facebook page, make the mistake of inviting all and sundry to like said page with disappointment following when the Likes don’t materialise.

Invite only a few a day to like and share your page – not all 100 or 1000 of your friends at once.

Likes are not the be all and end all either – it’s about reach: organic reach (people see your posts naturally) or paid reach (you pay £1 minimum per day to reach out as a sponsored post to get actions on your page).

But the biggest mistake Facebook page owners and admins make is this: over-posting.

Facebook is not Twitter, it is not a rolling newsfeed, it’s a way of increasing your brand awareness, building trust and creating varied content that interests and doesn’t bore.


When? What’s the best time to post?

At either: 9am, 1pm or 3pm.

Facebook marketing could occupy tomes on times alone but stick to these three best times, just once a day and measure the reach of various posts.

Twitter has its own set of rules – some of which overlap with other social media platforms, but some that don’t.  It does have a best time to post rule.

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15 times a day is the recommended amount to tweet, but it’s no good in my opinion, simply scheduling 15 tweets and sitting back. By all means do this, but be ready and willing to interact with followers, responding to likes, mentions and retweets. Twitter should not be robotic and mechanistic – it’s human interaction with other humans, but if you need to schedule, then pick the best time of:

12PM, 3PM, 5PM, 6PM

to maximise, what Twitter calls, Impressions and Engagement.


LinkedIn is the marmite of social media. It’s a professional networking site. There are though idiosyncrasies about what to post, how often and the best time for these.

%name LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you share anything like photos, URLs and publish articles and measures views very well for you. It’s where I get most engagement and most business and I probably spend most of my networking time on LinkedIn.

I can overdo it though – so here’s the Golden Rule of LinkedIn:


Post reach is highest too on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so bear these days in mind.

Pinterest is a growing social media platform and should be ignored at your peril – it’s no longer predominantly female based as it was when it began, with the ratio of female to male Pinners closing.

%name best time social media

The beauty is the ease of pinning images via a browser extension where you can tag and link URLs.

The best time?


How often?

No recommended amount.


YouTube is a difficult social media nut to crack – we can all dream of videos going viral but the reality is different for many people and businesses.

%name youtube

Post weekly or monthly and tag uploads judiciously to feed the SEO monster.


Finally, beloved Instagram. This is a mobile / smartphone only platform and as such needs to be fed constantly with images and hashtags (15 hashtags are recommended). 


%name Instagram

Best time to post photos and hashtags?

8 to 9AM, 5PM and 2AM.

Mondays and Thursdays will see most hits too on your images.


What I haven’t done is pluck these social media figures and stats from thin air – they’re based on research and my own practice of managing my own social media platforms (I have all of the six mentioned) and of managing others.

If you’re a business looking to grow sales and online presence through social media marketing, maximising reach and looking for someone to create content and post it at the right times, get in touch with me now.

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