This business began as a freelance writing service, a one-man band, busking street-side with words.

Like all good things though, it’s grown and developed a life of its own.

My intention, in November 2015, after I bid a final farewell to education, was to write.

Not “War and Peace” but something more prosaic – write web content.

It was hard work to start off, with me earning less than I did in 1978 when I delivered newspapers in Doncaster for a pound a week.

I stuck at it, however, because I knew one day my earnings would exceed £4 a month and it has.


I was utterly driven to make a success of Get Pro Copy and I have.

I think.

I’m typing this on a new iMac so that’s some measure?

It’s gone off on unexpected tangents: writing about dogs, reflux, dentures and panel heaters which wasn’t the career path I envisaged, but it still fires my passion as it’s writing.

Writing without constraints, without the bullying shackles of education, without the petty micromanagement of hierarchies and hypocrisy.

Copywriting became social media marketing and I’m grateful for the many people who supported and helped me along the way (you know who you are).

I have developed a nice little niche in copywriting and social media marketing for estate and letting agents, and, touch wood, these are good people to work with.

I’ve learned all about social media marketing through reading about the subject, experimenting by putting theory into practice and receiving glowing testimonials for my work, which is nice.

The mysteries of a blog post, its structure, its strategic use of content have been mastered over the past 5 years (I do run other blogging sites).

There’s always been one thing missing from my armoury though, one Achilles’ heel – web design.

I’ve tried it and managed to make a mediocre job of it but I mess up with it.

I don’t think I’ve learned enough about web design – until now.

For a couple of years, I’ve wanted to learn web design but people generally see this as a threat.

I don’t see coaching someone in social media marketing or writing blog posts as diminishing my roles – in fact the opposite.

Giving freely leads to better returns, that’s why I’m an open book, an open sharer but hadn’t found a kindred spirit, I still hadn’t found what I’m looking for, like Bono.

But now I have.

I’ve got engaged you see, again.

Despite my intentions to remain single, a sole trader, I’ve sold my sole for rock n roll: web design.

Paul Charnock is my new partner.

He’s a web designer you see.

An excellent one too.

He works like me: creatively, quickly and with great energy.

We’ve formed a new company: 321 Websites which, despite the inevitable Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin bants, has a serious purpose.

Let me explain.

It’s called 321 not as a nod to the 80s but because it’s a fully integrated approach to web design:


Paul does design as he is a freelance web designer with his own company.

I do Content and Social as I’m a freelance writer and marketer with this company.

The reason for the counting name is manifold too.

Not only are all three elements done for you; but we guarantee that your new website is ready in 7 days.

We built one this week in 4 days: Hogan’s Fast Sale

New logo, all design, all social incorporated and fresh content provided by Paul and I, 321 Websites.

You may think 4 days is ridiculous – you’re absolutely right; it was.

That’s why most web companies would laugh out loud or roll on the floor, laughing.

We did it though in 4 days, because we are both experts in our fields.

We both know what we are doing and we both worked tirelessly including midnight shifts to get this new venture for Stephen Thorpe of Leeds off the ground.

Our own website is in Coming Soon mode still because that has over 20 pages so far and is our Labour of Love.

What we do know, with absolute certainty, is that this 7 day commitment, this mission to design, create and promote is utterly possible, given the way we work in tandem.

You want a new landing page, a new website, a new service or product launching?

Contact us at [email protected] or drop me a message via here.

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, whether you’re a start up or an established company.

You can trust Paul and I to deliver.