I deactivated a social media account, Facebook, last week in a fit of impetuous pique, but today I logged back in. Why?


Need for virtual friends?


Or all three?

Facebook is an integral part of my life and I love managing the 6 business pages Рme deactivating was the equivalent of leaving a lively, atmospheric watering hole, like a cosmopolitan pub, to a dilapidated bus stop with a cold bench and discarded chip wrappings for company.

I know some people can take or leave social media, but I’m not one, and I doubt many others are.

As a new freelance writing business, I get inundated with offers from Adword companies to sign up for promotions but I’m not convinced about Pay Per Click for a start-up business. I ignore Ads in Google searches – consciously or unconsciously, I’m not sure.

My mission is a simple one – though it is time-consuming – to make this company wave on search engines, to make businesses and consumers aware of the brand and for the company, Get Pro Copy, to dance naked in the social media spotlight. Or maybe not.

I’ve already written about how quality content should be displayed through uniformly branded social media accounts with traffic driven to your website.

So content needs to be curated (collected), reshaped into something engaging. Write with a voice, with character, not to please Keywords but make an audience read on … to the end.

This is called Content Tilt, or a hook, that will make your business stand out in the shoulder to shoulder arena of the internet.

Content Tilt means coming at something from a new angle. If there’s 5000 searches a month for a service you offer, you’ve got to make your content stand out by being different and not a clone of the ones occupying pages 1 – 5 of Google.

So, your business is developing nicely, it’s an established name, but online sales are flat and your web presence is faltering? All hypotheses by the way.

Your product, your service needs thrusting into the Google glare, the social media spotlight.

Give me a call to discuss what I could do for you to push your company into the social media spotlight.