A question I occasionally get asked by clients, who pay me to write or run social media marketing for them, is do you build websites?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: depends what you want doing.

I’ve banged on about this long enough – if you need a specialist, you employ a specialist.

Need a writer, find a writer.

Ergo: plumber, builder, chef, web designer.

If you want a moderate to complex website with ecommerce, and to get technical, other bells and whistles, I can happily point you in the direction of three superb website designers.

If you want a simple landing page, it may be a bit like asking an architect to declutter a home.

I can do that for you.

I can tidy up a room and design a website.

The architect or the three super web designers could help, but he or she probably has bigger fish to fry.

This is where I come in.

You want a landing page, a website, a domain name, that gives out basics like:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • A gallery
  • Contact details and a contact form (so you can get inundated with spam like me daily)
  • Social media links

I can do all that.

Don’t expect complex coding and customised templates with PHP and HTML expertise.

You won’t get that.

What you will get is a new website with a domain name you want (subject to availability), linked to the social media pages you choose, with a blogging tab, where I’ll do the first for you (as part of the package), a home page, about, contact etc.

I’ll write all the content accurately and engagingly with SEO in mind.

Your website will go live quickly and you will be spared the angst of wondering when things will start moving.

Do you want:

  1. A website designing quickly?
  2. A landing page ready tomorrow, or within a week?
  3. A microsite to promote some offer?
  4. A blogging site to show your thought leadership?
  5. Social media links building and running or reviving from near death?

The beauty of choosing me is I’ll produce unique content, speed of delivery at a price you’ll love (I’m beginning to sound like a 70s washing powder advert – but you get my drift).

I’ll do all that as a fledgling website designer.

You won’t get bells and whistles, beautifully timed sliders, a bespoke design, but you will get a site that looks good, performs well, delivered to you within a day or, if I’m pushed, a week at a price agreed beforehand with no surprises bolted on.


Or know someone who might be?

Get in touch with me today.