Partnerships sink ships.

Harland and Wolff.

They sank a ship in April 1912.

Did you know that 80% of business partnerships fail?

Yet, I’m entering a pre-nuptial with a new partner and aiming to not only sink, but swim.

And swim well.

There’s a difference this time too.

I’m retaining and arguably expanding my successful one man band Get Pro Copy into a total web design extension.


You see there’s method in this partnership.

I often get asked to rejig, rewrite and optimise current web content.

When people decide that they need a website, they will spend time, pondering logos, design, domain name, but will treat web content as an afterthought,

Most web designers I meet are only average writers, yet superb designers.

I can write and write well but my web design attempts are pitiful, as is my photography, ability to cook, attention to domestic chores, and the like.

I can write though and I can market business, my own and others, through social media.


So, I’ve been looking for a partner and met one.

We met on Friday after exchanges on social media and, without a dating agency, we got on well.

Friday night, up until 1.00 am, we collaboratively determined on a name, bought the name, and my new fiancé built the landing page, the logo, the sub menus whilst I beavered away on the social media pages.

It took 5 hours in total (10 if you count two of us working on it) to get this idea off the ground from concept to being live.

Saturday, sub pages and sliders were built, at the two home offices (I’m keeping this fiancé on his toes; separation makes the heart grow fonder) and I wrote all the content for the two pages, with us deconstructing it and making changes like an old married couple.

So what, you may ask?


The concept though has several USPs.

You give us a brief, pick a site name, colours, logo ideas, social media links, and we invoice you for the domain name, the hosting and the hours we will spend.

You get a full website, with all images, logo, well-crafted content, user-friendly design at the end.

You pay, we create.


In seven days.

Not seven working days.

Seven days.

Give us a brief, have a chat on say Wednesday, all sorted by Thursday, pay us on Friday and the following week on Thursday or Friday, you have a brand new WordPress site, designed by a freelance web designer and freelance copywriter and social media expert.



My new partner and I are Ying and Yang, he’s the designer, I’m the writer.

But we have something in common, apart from being northern.

We have resilience, determination and drive.

If we have to stay up all night to do a job, we will.

We won’t hang the Closed sign on our door at 5.30 pm, when the office closes.


We’re freelance, we don’t work by normal rules, we set our own rules.

We work for you when you need us.

We work brilliantly together too.

Trust me, trust us.

Marks and Spencer, Block and Quayle, John and Lewis – all successful partnerships (I think).

You can add Paul and Stuart and their new venture to that list.

We know this marriage will last.

I believe in love at first sight – don’t you?

For more information, contact me.