Your estate agency may sit near the top of rankings on Google page one, if so well done – but what if it’s doesn’t? Does it matter?

First things first – have you checked your estate agency Google ranking recently?

I mean properly checked?

Let me give you a quick guide to checking where you sit on search engine results pages (SERPs) and then some strategies for climbing to Google page one and also making sure that rivals don’t overtake you.


  1. Put yourselves in a customer’s shoes – ideally a house seller’s shoes, because to sell a property, customers don’t really search on Rightmove or Zoopla but will arguably reach for Google.
  2. You need to then go into Private Browsing mode: this is Safari, but Chrome and Firefox are similar:%name Google page one
  3. Once the “New Private Window” is opened, start your search to find out where your estate agency ranks for searches.
  4. Think then about what your customer searches for when they browse Google. I’ve taken Newcastle as my example as we’re just back from a family city break there:



Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.13.41


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.18.04

Time could be well spent researching phrases like “Estate agents Newcastle”, “Newcastle city centre estate agents” and the like, and plotting where your new, or established, estate agency sits.

Ambitious Newcastle estate agents may want to be the top of  Google Page One for “Estate Agents north east” or “Sunderland estate agencies” given the relative compactness of Tyne and Wear.

You now have a good idea of your own ranking and you can examine closely who sits on page one of Google for all things property and Newcastle.


  1. Don’t despair, plan. Your private window browsing may leave you feel elated or perhaps despondent. You thought you ranked highly when really you’re sitting on the middle of page 2, bottom of page 7 or not even showing on the first 10 pages.
  2. This is where strategic thinking needs to take place; I’m not sure I can encapsulate Google climbing in one post, but I’ll try.
  3. Find out what the search volume per month is for various Google phrases. Let me give an example from Get Pro Copy: do you know how many searches there are for “Copywriter Norfolk” per month? Or “Norfolk copywriter?” It’s ten. Ten per month. This made me realise that optimising my website for that search term was pointless. I’ve got better terms which are yielding 300 Google searches per month and they’re my target. If I was a Newcastle estate agent aiming to mop up the sales market in Byker, for example, I’d want to know first if a campaign is actually worth building for that phrase. It isn’t. There are no searches for that on Google so it would be a waste of time:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.38.12      4.  880 people a month search  “estate agents Newcastle” so that could be a better campaign.

An even better one though would be where there are high volume searches and low competition.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.38.29


Now you’ve evaluated two things: where you stand in search terms and worked out the search volume and competition to get to Google Page One, the real work begins of creating a strategy to climb.

You can read and adopt the ideas from my 25 point plan to propel your business to Page One without Ad Words, steroids, without SEO experts cold calling you.

Additionally, if you contact me, I will share with you SEO strategies that worked for my own estate agency, and is working for two other estate agencies now (not in Newcastle – I only work with one agent per area), who are employing me to get to Google Page One.

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