Google Analytics should be on your website – and if it’s not, sort it out please, so I can sleep easily.

It’s not a difficult process to set up and it’s made even easier to track when you download the App from the App Store (or if you’re poor, Google Play). The App is actually genius and works better on smartphone and tablet I believe than on a desktop browser.


But there’s a few steps to do before you get that far.

Google can obviously explain it better than I can – so here’s the link.


The tricky part comes when you’re faced with adding the code to your website – this is not as straightforward as you’d expect, given that Google Home and Google WiFi are beacons of simplicity.

You end up with what looks like some form of Sanskrit over 7 or 8 lines and Google tells you to add this to the Header of your website.

Come again?

The header above the body?

That’s clear – but it’s not to people facing what may be an unfamiliar WordPress dashboard. I can do it of course as it comes as standard with the websites I build. I’ll create a Gmail account and sort out the Search Console, the UA key and the gtags, giving you access on desktop or the rather fine App once built, and this is where the magic starts.

If you’re into geeky data magic, that is – which I am.


The Analytics shows you Real Time views, shows you which Content is being viewed and the Bounce Rate (how long someone stays on your site before they click close or navigate away). It tells you whether people are on tablet, desktop or mobile, which country they’re from and pinpoints areas.

Here’s my geographical breakdown;

  1. UK
  2. France
  3. USA
  4. India
  5. Peru

Now Peru and France surprise me a little bit. I’d expect India and USA as I’ve worked with clients from both, but never anyone from Peru or France.

If I look further though, France is centred around Paris (how bijou is Get Pro Copy Ltd?) and 53% of UK visitors are based in London or Bristol, oddly.

Apart from me lying awake wondering why Bristolians find my website so fascinating, Analytics provides better information and it’s this. It shows where my traffic is coming from – Direct, Search, Organic or Social – and tots up the numbers.


At the beginning of May, I went properly solo and backed out of a business partnership. I decided to revamp Get Pro Copy, begin offering web design in Norwich, and anywhere else that would have me, and focus solely on the business I set up three years ago, instead of butterflying round various projects.

Here’s April’s figures, when Get Pro Copy was on its 2015 design:

Here’s the transition month of May when I began a major redesign – website was down for a week too during the redesign. So just a slight increase.

But this month has exploded. I built 11 websites in May and rebuilt mine and have 5 on the go this month, but the number of sessions leaped by 170% and users by 162% – because of the redesign and the concerted blogging campaign. Bounce rate has actually increased though, which is odd.



Now you might say “Well done Statto” and think “sad get” but my points are these:

  1. Have you set up Google Analytics on your website?

  2. Do you want more eyes on your website?

  3. Would you like to know how to achieve both?

Contact me if you do and here’s an internal link to hopefully keep that sesh data healthy.