I’ll come clean – Google “copywriter Great Yarmouth” and I’m number one on the search.

The problem is no-one and I mean no-one is searching for that term. I know as I pay a hefty subscription for a tool to help businesses with SEO.

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So, before I pat my back at sitting loftily for copywriter Great Yarmouth – or you do with your business for your search terms – it’s worth knowing if there is anyone Googling that service.

Norwich has 40 searches a month but I don’t pursue that regularly as I’ve eyes more focused on web design.

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If I broaden out my services and look at “web designer Great Yarmouth” there is some volume: 80 a month in total for two different phrases, so I get enquiries locally for searches and many convert to web design projects.

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The big one for me locally though is “web design Norwich” as there’s 720 searches a month for that exact term. Obviously though competition is higher with Norwich being a county capital and great city. It’s home to many web design freelancers and agencies, and though my company “Get Pro Copy Ltd” does appear on there (page 5 last time I checked) I don’t get organic leads from Norwich, which can be a blessing at times, trust me.

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Now my point is this.

I’m very open and transparent with what I do and how I do it.

If you’re unsure what the search volumes are for your SEO in a local, national or global context, ask me to look and implement a key word, key phrase, social media and blogging strategy that will get you found.

I would like to be found for copywriter Great Yarmouth, but my efforts to climb to that pinnacle of Google are utterly futile as no one is looking for that service.

What are they looking for with your company offerings?

How can you make sure you’re found?

Contact me for a quote to improve your SEO, without you wasting time and money optimising for pointless terms.

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