Brick and block or timber-framed? I pose this question as today, out walking, this very question was debated between myself and a neighbour.

I’d not realised as we’d bought a home that had been first-fitted that ours (and the rest of Persimmon Phase One) was timber-framed and the new builds leaping from muddy foundations opposite in Phase 2 are brick and block.

This got me thinking about why one method would be chosen over another and what are the pros and cons of each.

I realised that timber-framed houses are quicker to erect than block, and tradesmen (electricians and plumbers) can start internal and external work much faster as a typical timber framed house is ready in around 10 days.

There’s less internal drying out too, which speeds up the process by 2 to 3 weeks.

A timber framed house is also warmer – which doesn’t surprise me as the insulation levels in our own home make the place feel tropical in summer. Brick and block houses take longer to heat up, though one advantage they have is better noise insulation, which could be a factor if you’re building near a busy road, railway, hospital etc.

You’d think that the cost of timber framed building would easily exceed brick and block construction but again this is true but not by much.

So why did Persimmon make Phase One timber and Phase Two brick and block?

Is this typical of large developments or unique to this one?

Any answers appreciated!