Just read that living near a Waitrose can double your property price.

Absurd rationale?

Perhaps it’s the classic chicken and egg syndrome?

Waitrose build stores in salubrious areas where there will be sufficient well-heeled demand for sun-dried tomatoes, goose fat and organic watercress?

Or does a Waitrose already in situ drive prices of property up?

I’m not sure.

It’s a bit of an unknown for us as we venture into new build land this week. I know already a primary school is on the cards as well as a shop.

But which shop?

Does it matter?

Parkhill in Lowestoft – Bentley Drive, Townsend Way and its various tributaries are sandwiched between a Tesco Extra at its eastern periphery and an Aldi at its south western edge. Does this affect property prices? Doesn’t seem to. House sales are healthy there and although I’ve not seen prices grow exponentially, there has been steady growth. Big houses there with double garages and 5 bedrooms command £300,000 plus.

Would conversion of said Aldi or Tesco lead to these swelling to £600,000?

I doubt it, though price growth would probably accelerate.

So when we move to Bradwell later this week, should I stand sentry like 24/7 guarding the estate from a budget supermarket and only allow Waitrose or at a push Sainsbury’s nearby?

No, as Daniel said this week, on providing estimates for plumbing work,  any supermarket nearby would be handy.

Bradwell already has a labyrinthine estate, El Alamein Way, sitting close to a Co-op and has that dented prices or desirability of the area?


I’ve written before about rural v urban and I’m firmly in the camp of urban. There’s more to do, facilities are to hand and there’s people everywhere which I think lessens social isolation and increases social cohesion. You don’t often see flagpoles displaying St George’s flags in towns, they are often a fixture in villages.

We’ve done rural in Staffordshire and I think it’s telling that we’ve chosen to move to a suburb nearby.

We’re looking forward to it – and seeing the Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose or One Stop (Tesco in disguise you know) within walking distance.