Property copywriter, me, going back to basics.

I’ve just started a new sideline: interviewing property vendors for two leading estate agencies and adding their stories to the property listing as a property copywriter.

I could pretend this was my idea but I’d be lying – I was approached to do it by a leading independent estate agent, Perry Power of Power Bespoke, who I’ve worked with previously on website design. Perry is a thoroughly decent fellow and a top estate agent, so it was a no brainer for me to accept the role.

I’m waiting for Perry to post the name badge: Power Copywriter too!

It’s going very well I reckon – the triangulated narrative between estate agent, vendor and copywriter is proving to be a success. 

So much so, that another top estate agency has approached me to do the same.

What’s good from your point of view is that you can mark it out as a USP – “we have a property writer who will interview you and sell your property with words” rather than spend time haggling about fees or dissuading them from the thousand pound coin toss of using the mauve cult.

Here’s the process:

  1. I’m emailed the photos and vendor details by you – or currently by Jen at Power Bespoke.
  2. I contact the vendor and explain I’d like 10 to 15 minutes of their time where they talk to me about their property. I find out things like how far a walk it is to Caterham, or Guildford, how long they’ve lived there, favourite aspects and because I know my way round property descriptions and have a good rapport with people from 27 years of pleasing teenagers in the classroom, the interviews all go swimmingly well.
  3. I make notes as I’m chatting and looking at photos and I craft a neat property description of between 300 to 400 words and send it to the estate agent promptly – without spelling errors, grammatical mistakes or property detail inaccuracies.
  4. I send an invoice for that week on 7 day terms and carry on with others.
  5. The estate agent has me on a Pay as you Go contract not a retainer – if they don’t want me to write many, or just a few, or for every listing – that’s fine. I’m cool with that.

There’s pluses for me: I find it very enjoyable; I like people and property and I like finding out about owners’ lifestyles, future plans and property history.

Each story takes me around 35 minutes to craft – from emailed photos to phone call to sending the property interview to you.

What does it cost, you may ask?

My hourly rate, split in 2.

Now don’t be expecting Fiverr prices or the charges of a solicitor or barrister.

Expect reasonable charges for a service I’m dedicating time to and spinning unique content about.

Ask me and I’ll tell you!

I’m not about to retire to Monaco (or even Surrey) on the earnings, but I love doing it and being paid for a service as a property copywriter I think I do well.

Proof of the pudding and all that so here’s one this property copywriter made earlier:

Despite the absence of water near this property, this property’s name is remarkably apt: The Moorings. The owner James is an expert boatsman who bought this cottage over 20 years ago. The property became his anchor, his safe haven, having decided impulsively after a first viewing to make an offer, which was accepted:

“The Moorings appealed in so many ways to me; firstly the location is splendid and the seller made coffee and fresh bread, which along with the open fires, proved irresistible. I went to the pub and decided there and then to buy it.”

But what about the property itself?

It’s a 2 bedroomed cottage that could easily be extended, subject to the usual planning permissions. It dates from 1830 and is steeped in history as a home and location.

Stagecoaches used to stop at the property as it was halfway between London and the south coast – in fact, the meadows adjoining the rear garden were where the horses rested. 

Down the road are stunning views of Box Hill, of Jane Austen fame, with many visitors comparing the vista to that of the white cliffs of Dover. France is not visible but there are vineyards nearby to match those across the Channel.

The nautical theme of cliffs and boats continues both inside and outside the property. The bathroom contains a bell from The Titanic; there’s a live water well in the garden as well as a modern irrigation system. Viewers of this quintessentially English property may spot other features too that mark it out as nautical – the anchors of the secret garden and the English Springer Spaniel, Mr Boatswain, who unfortunately does not come as part of the fixtures and fittings! 

It’s a practical home too: multi-fuel stove in the dining room, complemented by an open fire in the sitting room, as well as a sunbaked terrace that is perfectly private to the rear. 

Now the question we ask at Power Bespoke is this: will you be as impulsive as James was 20 years ago when he first saw The Moorings?

We think the answer is a resounding yes. 

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Now obviously with two leading independent estate agents on board, this one man band can’t open up property interviews to the whole estate agency market – but I always have capacity to add a few more estate agents in the mix. 

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